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Established in 1987 by German Ghanbari, Hazar Group was firstly more drawn to decoration pieces, it was only in 1992, that the prestigious brand commenced collaborating with designers, architects and contractors, exporting to an overall sum of sixteen countries. Attention to detail, organisational values, warm hospitality and hard work are a few of the rudimentary design methods that lead Hazar Group and Ghanbari to success.

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In an effort to expand their business and to the appeal of many customers, the proficient group extended their exhibitions besides their insight knowledge of decoration with sophisticated projects, accessories and furniture pieces, as German Ghanbari explains, “This is, you know, the request from the customers who have pushed us to go that direction, and we are happy to have this sort of customers.”

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Hazar Group

The Luxury brand has a cluster of showrooms spread all around the world, for example, in Istanbul, the brand the Ghanbari showroom which focuses on selling to contractors for projects, such as palaces, high-end residential and restaurants.

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Hazar Group is also renowned for developing projects all over the world, especially in the Middle East region, from Kazakhstan to Abu Dhabi, to Qatar and Israel. However, they also seek many ventures in Europe, in countries, such as Germany and Switzerland or in the North of Africa, particularly in Libya.

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In regards to a favourite project, German Ghanbari expressed fondness towards a project the brand did in Libya where they had to ship 1240ft containers by air all at once. Although it involved a lot of complication, the designer is motivated by the most challenging and hard-working settings, and this one required a series of them, from getting permission of the Indonesian government to land in the Jakarta airport to the penalties that would be endorsed if anything was a minute late, to capacity problems, to handmade items and the overall time issue as they only had six weeks to complete this enticing project. Nevertheless, it was a worthwhile experience to the members and Ghanbari himself.

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The Brand collaborates with a handful of luxury brands, from Christopher Guy to a cluster of exquisite brands from Menina Design Group, consisting of Boca do Lobo, DelightFULL, KOKET, BRABBU and Luxu, in an effort provide an ultra-premium luxury and ostentatious experiences and ways of living. In addition, Ghanbari feels that it is important to visit trade shows to get an idea of what is currently happening in the industry.

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From Ghanbari’s perspective, Luxury is all about turning a home into a completely diverse place that incorporates high-quality and different designs that are expensive and create a virtuous atmosphere and concept, thus providing customers with the best service possible.

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Apropos of advice to give young entrepreneurs and designers, German Ghanbari recommends being extremely selective and clever, to create something different and awe-inspiring. To sort of make other people be inspired by your work and not the other way around, and most importantly not to complicate things, whether that be in the production or marketing process.

Hazar Group

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