A Decade In The Making: Building an Intense Way of Living with BRABBU

A Decade In The Making: Building an Intense Way of Living with BRABBU

January 8, 2021


Deeply rooted in Portuguese craftsmanship, BRABBU Design Forces was revealed for the first time to the world in September of 2011. Almost 10 years later, the fierce design and strong dedication the brand expresses in every product has granted a privileged spot in the interior design industry and in the heart and mind of professionals and design lovers’ worldwide. Recognised as a design authority by some of the most reputable and well-known magazines of the sector as Architectural Digest and Elle Décor, BRABBU is the leading figure of some of the most prestigious residential and public interior design projects and conquered an unbeatable online presence. CovetED is pleased to let you know all about BRABBU, a tale of luxury interiors in the most intense way.



BRABBU’s 10th Anniversary Is Around The Corner. Who Was The Brand In The Past And Who Is It Today?



A Decade In The Making: Building an Intense Way of Living with BRABBU


Inspired by Nature, shaped by man, this is BRABBU. Bringing the raw, the untamed and the very essence of noble materials and handwork techniques to high-end design. This was our core at the beginning when we started building the brand from scratch, and so it remains until today.


A Decade In The Making: Building an Intense Way of Living with BRABBU


Every day, our tribe of designers and craftsmen strive to create products that bring the comfort, functionality and personality any space deserves. BRABBU has now a wider range of furniture:   case goods, upholstery, lighting and softgoods. This was the result of the will and effort to provide our clients with an increasingly integrated offer and service, covering spaces from the bedroom to the home office. We can now say that you can decorate a home using only BRABBU products, also with the collaboration of some partner brands as Maison Valentina and Rug’Society. We believe in design that fits our customer’s personality and allows the expression of who they really are. Different styles for different people, from Classic to Modern, from the living room to the entryway. Style by Style, Room by Room is now our approach.


What Have Been Some Of The Highlights Of Your Journey Thus Far?


A Decade In The Making: Building an Intense Way of Living with BRABBU


BRABBU has already faced many challenges and achievements, but this is certainly the one we are the proudest of:  to conquer and to maintain the loyalty of our stakeholders. Everything that we are and have today was achieved thanks to a specific attitude of Fierceness, of Union, of Resilience and Proactivity from the ones that did not accept to be defeated by the hardship of some challenges – to this we call Invictus, another core value of the brand. This was the attitude that leads BRABBU to what we are today and that kept us so strong and unite: our strength and identity remain on the merit of our team, in our partners, and on all the support that our clients and followers gave us through the years.


And How Do Such Diverse Inspirations Feed Into BRABBU’s Design Narrative?


A Decade In The Making: Building an Intense Way of Living with BRABBU


The brand reflects an intense way of living, bringing fierceness, strength and power into an urban lifestyle. We believe in the strength of the oceans and volcanoes and that every force of nature has a rhythm, a heartbeat. We regard BRABBU as nature’s child, remembering its wildness and reinventing design by using nature’s materials, textures, scents, flavours and colours. Our diverse customisation solutions, a wide range of materials, fabrics and finishes provide all the elements needed to achieve a winning and revolutionary design.



BRABBU Is A Brand Especially Known By Its Upholstery Category Although It Presents An Impressive Integrated Offer And A Wide Range Of Products. Can We Consider Upholstery The Biggest Take Of The Brand And The Great Focus Of The Latest Years?


A Decade In The Making: Building an Intense Way of Living with BRABBU


We want the interior design professionals to find a diversity of solutions to fulfil their projects needs and have the possibility of executing any project, from the beginning till the end, without having to search for other solutions in other brands. Upholstery is part of the solution that answers to the integrated offer problem. This is the category for which BRABBU is known, because it was one of the brand’s big investment along the years, although this investment became more focused in the development of upholstery techniques and on the release of new products.   We also invested in new customisation options that include the possibility of applying our client’s fabrics into our chairs.  Nevertheless, in all of BRABBU product categories, we have some winning best sellers starring the latest design trends.



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BRABBU Has Released A Good Amount Of New Products Since The Beginning Of 2020. Which One Of Them Was The Biggest Innovation And Production Challenge?


A Decade In The Making: Building an Intense Way of Living with BRABBU


Indeed, this has been a year full of exciting ideas regarding the release of new products and the implementation of innovative techniques. BRABBU has introduced new materials and finishes with special emphasis on faux-marble painting, a manual painting technique that resembles the texture of marble, and which has led our best sellers – ARDARA – to gain a new life. Another of our most well-known products, SEQUOIA II, has been produced with textured liquid metal.  When it comes to upholstery, we must mention the WALES II sofa, an option with the greater length for larger living rooms, as well as the WALES bed, the first bed on BRABBU’s offer. Our customers have been requesting a new feature that would make counter stools more suitable for kitchens with countertops, as well as dining chairs, so we created the Swivel collection.



 2020 Proved To Be A Different Year From What Any Of Us Could Have Expected. How Has Brabbu Adapted To The Challenges That Have Arisen?


A Decade In The Making: Building an Intense Way of Living with BRABBU


Difficult times often help to build character and strengthen ties. 2020 may have been a wild ride, but the intensity is the core value of BRABBU and we have made the most out of it, preparing new projects and opportunities for cooperation. Some things never change over the years and the circumstances: our commitment to our customers and excellence in design. Regardless of the current paradigm, they can always count on BRABBU to be a supplier, a guide and an inspiration in all their interior design ventures.  The impossibility of being present and having direct contact with clients has shown the need for us to make increasing use of digital resources to bridge this gap. We have always had strong participation in the main interior design events worldwide, and in view of the cancellations and postponements, BRABBU reinvented its presence by creating a set of virtual tours to our planned stand at Salone del Mobile 2020. We have prepared as well a 360º Virtual House Tour, where the client could experience an intense way of living by visiting an exclusive residential project while being guided by one of our Brand Ambassadors. It was designed room by room with BRABBU products, allowing the customer to understand the integrated offer of the brand and the possibility of customisation and personalization.



The Presence In The Digital World Is One Of Your Most Powerful Weapons If We Look Over The Numbers Of The Brand’s Main Social Networks. With The Constant Innovations Of The Digital World, How Did BRABBU Adapted To All These Changes?



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Our presence in the digital world and our adaptation to its constant changes are the outcomes of solid research and the implementation of new tactics that our team is constantly testing and reinventing. Since the beginning until now, BRABBU has always worked to create a 360º strategy in the digital world, looking up to be on all fronts. We always search for the continuous improvement of the online experience we provide our visitors, meeting the needs concerning inspirations for projects. 2020 has shown how important it was to build this presence, especially on Instagram, where BRABBU registered an impressive increase in terms of followers and interactions. One of our biggest goals is to be a source and a reference in terms of inspiration for all design lovers. With this in mind, we have been consolidating our offer in terms of inspirational resources, releasing new e-books and a new page on our website: Room by Room. Our visitors are here able to find a vast source of image inspiration for future projects – going from entryways to living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens, to bedrooms and offices, including also a section for hospitality and contract.



What Can We Expect From BRABBU In 2021?


A Decade In The Making: Building an Intense Way of Living with BRABBU


In 2021, you will see BRABBU as the brand that represents an intense way of living and of inhabiting, through its products, its communication and way of living. Nature, cultures of the world and the cosmopolitan lifestyle will be even more present in everything we do. We will work continuously to achieve personalized customer service, assuring that we keep in close contact with our clients, despite any circumstances that may arise. As another way of being closer to the stakeholders, BRABBU is going to become even more digital, continuing to offer the virtual world and digital tools to let our customers enjoy our intense way of living through design books, guides, and much more. We will be able to receive our most esteemed clients in Porto, Portugal at Covet Douro and Covet Valley, in London at Covet London, as well as in Paris at Covet Paris. We are always stronger with allies than on our own. As BRABBU’s biggest goal is to have an integrated offer, it joined forces with complementary brands to accomplish the goals of this mission.   We will then embrace our presence within a wider group of brands – Home’Society.



Could You Tell Us More About Home’Society? Will It Serve as a Marketplace?


A Decade In The Making: Building an Intense Way of Living with BRABBU


Home’Society is a collective of brands that aims to give a complete solution to everyone who looks for creating unique interiors and reconnecting them to a modern contemporary style. Home’Society will present a gateway to a wide range of products that combine perfectly to create harmonious yet distinctive interiors. It will incorporate that marketplace functionality, but more than that it aims to be a reference to everyone looking for modern style furniture and inspiration. Through its different channels, it will also share interviews with top interior designers and the most important events of the sector, providing a new look at micro and macro trends of design.



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