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Tim Clarke is a top interior designer based in Santa Monica, California. He established Tim Clarke Design in 1996, which now shares its home with Tim Clarke Supply, his home furnishings boutique that offers Clarke’s casual elegant style to the public. CovetED Magazine shares with you the style that defines Tim Clarke and the reasons why he is on our top 100 interior designers and top 25 interior designers from Los Angeles.


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Clarke is celebrated for capturing the essence of coastal living. He understands what makes a perfect beach house so easy and peaceful and brings that same ocean calm into his clients’ spaces, turning any architecture or location into a seaside retreat.


Casual Elegant Style From Tim Clarke Design 1

Scandia Surf | Tim Clarke Design


From private residences to commercial properties, Clarke conveys the effortless vibe of life at the beach. His residences also deeply reflect the people who live in them, and their own appreciation of their surrounding natural environment.


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Seaside Mediterranean | Tim Clarke Design




It is this love of nature and the great outdoors that inspires Clarke’s work. His design is encouraged by the way nature arranges color patterns, layers textures, and mixes symmetry and asymmetry in the shapes of all things. His choices of colors, texture, and pattern on the walls, floors, furnishings and objects, directly reference this natural palette.


Casual Elegant Style From Tim Clarke Design 2.jpg

Inherited Base | Tim Clarke Design


As both shop owner and designer, Clarke has created a studio based on the concept of a bespoke interior design Atelier. This allows for experimentation and discovery in both creativity and design.  Tim Clarke Supply captures the local spirit of classic Santa Monica and bohemian Venice nearby.


Beach Classic | Tim Clarke Design


Collectible surfboards hang on the walls like old masters in this loft-like space of concrete, exposed rafters and cinder block.  It’s a casual yet curated space, where visitors can see the design team at work and purchase from a constantly changing collection of handmade, found, or vintage furniture, fabric and accessories. This approach not only allows for a great place to gather inspiration, but also serves as a laboratory for ideas that find their way into Clarke’s projects.


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Native Woods | Tim Clarke


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