Alene Workman Interior Design: a look at this design art

Alene Workman Interior Design: a look at this design art

September 13, 2019


Alene Workman Interior Design stands out for their focus on the art of design, as well as their complete respect for the client’s needs and vision for every project that they complete. This multi-award-winning firm states as an industry leader, where they deliver a full service within the interior design and renovation. With 25 years of experience and knowledge, Alene Workman Interior Design studio offers many innovative high-quality design solutions to impact your design project. Let CovetED take you on a little journey through the style and inspo of this bespoke interior designer.



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Meet Alene Workman Interior Design, a company with an ethos focused, on a major level, to the client’s needs, due to their ability to pay attention exclusively to the client. “Knowing that I have successfully listened to our client, anticipated and interpreted their needs with vision in a creative and successful way, and exceeding their expectation, fills me with joy and satisfaction. Along with this is my pride in getting it right for my clients. One major celebrity client sat me down at our furnishings installation while beaming, and said, “You got me, I love what you have created”. That was pure fulfilment. After that project, he and his family went on to work with me on multiple projects over the next 12 years, having just completed another new residence this year.  There is joy knowing that we have completed several projects over the years for recurring clients throughout the country”. Anything that relates to the satisfaction of the clients, the design firm shares the upmost respect.






In order to value the relationship with her clients, she likes to maintain an interactive relationship, to understand what they’re all about, as far as tastes and needs go. “I believe my passion for design comes across in everything I do in business and personally.  I maintain an open interactive relationship with my clients that develops into trust as we begin to explore designs, respecting their needs, and incorporating them effortlessly with knowledge and a high level of experience into their individualized design concepts. Our audience sees that we are a creative force, yet well organized and professional, seeking to enrich their lifestyle with well-edited, timeless design. Our presence online and in social media helps maintain our vision of open communication, creativity, professionalism and design guidance that brings them hopefully into our design world”. With that mindset, she firmly believes that their online presence as well as in social media it’s crucial to develop her design company.




Alene Workman cannot fit her clients on a specific type of client, but she surely recognizes that her clients are mainly looking for the best of design, along with a mutual aesthetic sense. She has had clients such as celebrities, successful entrepreneurs and celebrities “Our clients cannot be categorized as a specific type other than someone appreciating great design, creativity and a mutual esthetic sense of clean-lined, flawlessly executed and detailed interiors. They are often highly successful entrepreneurs, celebrities, and business leaders, I believe they see the special qualities we bring as a team leader to their projects acting as their advocate throughout the design process with all other team professionals”.




Alene Workman is very passionate about her work and within this competitive industry, there are many aspects that she absolutely loves such as the many and diverse areas of the interior design. “There are so many aspects of what I do professionally that I absolutely love. I am very passionate about all areas of interior design, from lighting to furniture design, interior architecture, and even interior floral display, and bring all that together in my work. After receiving a BA in Art, I was introduced into the world of interior design and then pursued my second degree. I was smitten from my first design class on interior structure and drafting and knew this would be my lifelong pursuit. Starting my career in commercial design, doing hotels, high end residential work and public spaces, I realized I loved the interaction with private clients and their trust earned while doing their designs,  I was able able to create “art in interiors”, that fulfils my creative energy, my client’s vision, and my own passion”. It was after her education in Art, that she was introduced to the world she loves that is interior design.




On the context of her design firm, she found some difficulties during the massive recession of 2008-2011. “My biggest business challenge hit during the recession of 2008-2011 when I was working on a huge penthouse project, being totally immersed and sheltered from what was happening to others worldwide, with businesses closing and firms streamlining. When completing this penthouse, I realized there were no new projects in-house. I panicked and had to figure out how to market my services for the first time in 20 years. That was difficult and painful but was helped by past clients requesting me to begin new projects for them. I was very grateful and fortunate”. She was able to overcome those negative times and successfully grow as a company, being able to achieve many incredible steps along the way.




Thanks to her constant development as a designer, Alene Workman, and her company have achieved many important things through the professional journey. “I have been committed to the profession, the professionalism of interior designers and improving industry standards, being named a top international design influencer for the last few years, being recognized as a leader in my profession, and most importantly, and then inducted to become a Fellow in the American Society of Interior Designers, for my designs and volunteer work on the  national board and local organization for over 20 years. As the icing on our cake, my firm has been honoured with countless first-place awards for creating world-class innovative design solutions in our showcased work. These achievements along with a beautiful and supportive family that makes it all possible has been totally fulfilling”.


Imperfectio Sofa Boca do Lobo


Right now, Alene Workman Interior Design is currently developing an interesting project in the Bahamas. “We are currently in communication with a client building their new 12,000 square foot home in the Bahamas. It is a challenging project only in that the client must deal with the intricacies that go along with building and furnishing a home in another country when they are USA based.  As the designer, I am excited to explore the local Bahamian design solutions that mix island living with updated British Colonial themes and the most forward-thinking hi-tech living”. They look to create a great foundation and set the background for incorporating beautiful and bespoke furnishings that make a home unique and creates an individual lifestyle for that specific client.




As a design firm, they don’t like to “follow trends in residential design, I do think there is a movement to create an easy lifestyle living that requires less maintenance than in prior years. There is also a direction of incorporating less formatted design where originality is the primary force and unexpected pieces may be combined, mixing modern with midcentury or iconic pieces from Scandinavia, to create a lighter and unexpected interior. It’s a somewhat more offbeat direction and can evolve into a “bohemian” offbeat feeling”. With that diversity, they’re able to display the most amazing settings, concentrating many different styles, and still making it absolutely stunning.




As far as craftsmanship goes, Alene Workman Interior Design thinks that it is unique as well as the artisans throughout the US and in European countries. “There are bespoke firms in New York, LA and in our own area that create amazing pieces from our designs, implementing the finest quality in materials and craft. We often seek out and curate these pieces into our designs”. By saying that, she means that craftsmanship is very important to establish unique experiences and settings, which is something that every interior design lover looks for.




As far as the future goes, Alene Workman Interior Design really thinks that self-awareness is the next big thing within the interior design. “Many people seem to be responding and focusing on the feelings they want to convey in their private spaces, rather than a look. It seems less about impressing anyone, but more about the self-awareness and what is important to their lifestyle. Whether it’s more relaxed or not, it comes down to the essence of their feelings about how they want to live. This personal responsiveness to house and home to convey one’s true nature in a feel-good space may be the future of where clients are headed. That often means including the most advanced high-tech advances that are changing the way we live and are connected unless of course, they want to disconnect entirely”.




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