The Dreamiest Dining Room Design From Nadya Zotova


The renowned and worldwide recognized Moscow-based interior designer Nadya Zotova has created the dreamiest dining room design you’ll ever see. The designer was to conceptualize this feat by combining mid-century modern elements into the design, perfectly encapsulating everything homeowners want and expect to have in their dining rooms. Join CovetED Magazine and explore the five reasons why this design is considered to be one of the best.


The Dreamiest Dining Room Design From Nadya Zotova 1


1. The Exquisite Colour Palette


The Dreamiest Dining Room Design From Nadya Zotova 1


When creating this 3D plan for a unique take on a modern dining room decor, Nadya Zotova gave extreme focus to the colour palette. A careful selection of colours was made taking into consideration how well they would contrast together. In the end, warm ochre, mustard and terracotta shades were used as statement colours next to cool tones of grey, olive and blue.


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2. The Most Perfect Dining Room Set


The Dreamiest Dining Room Design From Nadya Zotova 4


As it dictates, a dining room should be a place to be enjoyed with family and friends, so it needs to be perfectly decorated. To accomplish the perfect set, the designer went with a mix of styles. We can see a more rustic dining table paired with other contemporary elements, such as the mustard sofa and the sleek dinnerware.


3. Mid-century Dining Chairs


The Dreamiest Dining Room Design From Nadya Zotova 2


One of the best features of this set is, without a shadow of a doubt, the mid-century dining chairs. Nadya Zotova selected Essential Home’s phenomenal Ellen dining chairs to create a stunning visual contrast between the wooden table and the polished brass legs and velvet of the chairs.




4. A Feeling of Supreme Cosiness


The Dreamiest Dining Room Design From Nadya Zotova 5


This dining room has an undeniably cosy feeling to it. It might be the mustard sofa by the window or the cool grey shelved walls, but the truth is that the designer was able to create the winter cosy feeling in a timeless and stylish way.


5. It Opens to an Equally Stunning Kitchen Set


The Dreamiest Dining Room Design From Nadya Zotova 7


Besides the dreamiest dining room design, Nadya Zotova also designed an equally stunning Kitchen setting. Creating a sense of continuity, the designer chose to use an olive shade on the kitchen counters and cabinets. A golden faucet and several golden cabinet door handles match the polished brass legs of the mid-century dining chairs.


Get the look:


CovetED Magazine already had the change to interview this incredible designer. So if you would like to read this exclusive interview, please click HERE.


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