Anna Sakharova, One of Russia’s Best Interior Designers

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Anna Sakharova is an esteemed and successful interior designer within the Russian industry. And if you are questioning yourself what Russia has to do with interior design, you need to read this article immediately. Nowadays, Russia is on the map of interior design industry as powerful and influential. Several talented interior designers, worldwide recognized, have chosen to settle in the mighty country. The Russian history, tradition and classical architecture keep inspiring young designers. And Anna Sakharova is one of those talented and worldwide esteemed interior designers. Join CovetED Magazine to explore this Russian interior design influence in the industry and the names that make that a reality.


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Anna is a very talented person. Someone who never takes a day off. She loves her line of work so much, that her mind never stops rambling for the next inspiration, even during her vacations. Anna represents the ultimate profile of a top interior designer. A design professional that lives and breathes design.


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Her projects represent a complete understanding of her clients’ needs. After all, interior designers are nothing without their clients. So, full comprehension is of the utmost importance for her work. It allows her to make the right decisions and have a more relaxed and creative approach to her work. And her work represents perfectly who she is as a designer.


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Anna has no one single style. But it’s all in the details. If you pay close attention, you can see a contemporary style popping up in the decor. But there are also modern accents in all the projects and a luxurious side that is never forgotten.


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She believes that there is no right decision. Instead, there are suitable solutions created for the moment. And the job of an interior designer is to fulfill his clients’ wishes and personalities, as well.


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This project features a sophisticated style, combining the elegance of crystal lighting and the luxurious mix of black & gold. It’s stunning. And very inspiring. We know that the best inspiration comes from the top. So, follow CovetED Magazine for more interior design inspiration from top interior designers.


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