Take a look at Dimorestudio’s take on Grand Hotel et de Milan

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Milan is definitely a city with unique magic to it, especially when it comes to point out the luxury hotels you can stay at there, be it during Milan Design Week, or any other time of the year. We know that Milan Design Week 2020 is still a little far, however, Grand Hotel et de Milan might be a terrific option for you to stay at. Why? CovetED will tell you the answer by showing you how Dimorestudio has given a lovely touch to the classical hotel!


Take a look at Dimorestudio's take on Grand Hotel et de Milan

All photo credits belong to Dimorestudio | Silvia Rivoltella


More than being a top reference in regards to unique places to stay during Milan Design WeekGrand Hotel et de Milan is also very famous for being a place where Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi spent 20 years of his life. There are many other personalities that have stayed at, or passed by this establishment, which include the likes of Maria Callas, Giorgio de Chirico, Rudolf Nureyev, and even  The Duke and Duchess of Windsor.


Take a look at Dimorestudio's take on Grand Hotel et de Milan


Located at the Golden Triangle fashion district of Montenapoleone (not far from the Armani hotel), this 19th-century Milanese hotel is one of the city’s most beloved classical references. Which was why Britt Moran and Emiliano Salci from Dimorestudio had quite the challenge in regards to preserving and at the same time revamping this incredible hotel.




Right now, you can definitely detect Dimorestudio ‘s fingerprints in this new take on the hotel’s interior design. They infused their signature eclectic taste by trading the previous palette of orange and taupe shades with a softer shade that mixes pink and mauve, with rust burgundy and forest green hues by adding in plants in the decor. Throughout the hall, you can also find elements adorning the space such as embroideries and floral patterns, as well as liberty motifs bedecking the cushions and stools of the bar.


Take a look at Dimorestudio's take on Grand Hotel et de Milan


The design duo did their upmost best in respecting the essence of the historic hotel, though, through the usage of velvety fabrics, silks and jacquards that call out bigger attention to the classic elements still there. We mean the marble surfaces, the artworks, the 19th-century fireplace and a classic of Italian style, the Terrazzo flooring. There are also a couple of accessories embellishing the classic scenario, such as fringes on some furniture pieces, and pastel-coloured lampshades in pleated raw silk.


Take a look at Dimorestudio's take on Grand Hotel et de Milan


Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran are a very well-known design duo who have invested in their individual experience which culminated in the creation of Dimorestudio in 2003. They are known for creating objects of historical inspiration, along with other objects that aim to not only create a unique ambience but also to cross boundaries between art and design, fashion and architecture.


Take a look at Dimorestudio's take on Grand Hotel et de Milan



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