Top Interior Designers | Meet the Iconic Designs of Piet Boon

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Top Interior Designers | Meet the Iconic Designs of Piet Boon

August 27, 2015

Top Interior Designers | Meet the Iconic Designs of Piet Boon ⇒ Piet Boon is one of the most relevant and iconic designers of our time, and he’s one of the most famous Dutch architects and interior designers. Together with a creative director Karin Meyn, Piet leads his own team of designers, interior designers, and architects completing projects around the world for a constantly growing group of clients. Those who wonder how Piet Boon succeeded to break through as a top designer not only in the Netherlands but also internationally, one look at his collection of furniture and home designs will provide the answer.


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Top Interior Designers | Meet the Iconic Designs of Piet Boon


His three-decade-long career was inspired by a desire to combat a lack of functionality in today’s designs; to create solutions that are both functional and beautiful. His appreciation for simplicity is no doubt a hallmark of Dutch design.


Having started as a contractor, designer Piet Boon has an innate sense of pure and timeless forms which he manages to translate flawlessly into home and furniture designs with sturdy yet elegant lines and a contemporary look. Notable in all Piet Boon designs are the honest materials, subdued colours and a high level of comfort. Piet Boon designs homes, offices and hotels, every interior detail such as furniture, door hardware, bath and bed linen, lamps, fireplaces, kitchens, bathrooms, and beds also carry Piet Boon’s unique signature.


Top Interior Designers | Meet the Iconic Designs of Piet Boon




Piet Boon was born in the Netherlands in 1958. He started his career as a contractor, developing his eye and understanding of structure and function through the building process. In 1982, Boon founded his own design studio which he runs with Karin Meyn. Based in Oostzaan, near Amsterdam, the studio employs the best architects, designers, and interior designers. They produce furniture, architecture and interiors, and are recognised specialists in delivering total concept design solutions.


Top Interior Designers | Meet the Iconic Designs of Piet Boon


His practice innovatively combines functionality and durability with a love for natural materials and signature details. Piet Boon studio has collaborated with brands including Miele, Bang & Olufsen and Moooi, and continues to work producing luxury lifestyle design.


He launched the “Piet Boon Zone” line of furniture and lighting in 2003 which now successfully operates in 34 countries. In addition to designs for private clients and various commercial housing developments, he designed the interior of the Delano Hotel in Las Vegas and beach houses in the Caribbean amongst others.


Top Interior Designers | Meet the Iconic Designs of Piet Boon


Boon also designs houses and entire neighbourhoods. In 2006, he designed a floating neighbourhood near Almere. He also designed the area around the new marina at the Schelphoek in Hoorn. In 2006, Boon designed a limited edition version of the car Range Rover Sport, in 2011, it received a second edition which was performed in a matted ‘two-tone’ combination in Off Black and Piet Boon Grey.


Top Interior Designers | Meet the Iconic Designs of Piet Boon


He has published three books – Piet Boon (2001), Piet Boon 2 (2005), and Piet Boon Beach (2007), which show the rapid international development of the design studio into an international luxury lifestyle brand. Piet Boon 3 was published in 2011 in 8 languages. The garden for his own home in Oostzaan, designed by Piet Oudolf, was featured in the BBC’s Around the World in 80 Gardens.

The Most Iconic Projects, Products & Collaborations


Piet Boon designs, develops and selects products that logically fit their brand. They work with partners who are specialized in their fields to bring licensed products to the market. They are known for working with innovative luxury brands who share the love for beautiful materials, thoughtful details, and commitment to excellence. Piet’s studio collaborated with such renowned brands as Land Rover or Moooi.


Lighting by Mooi


Top Interior Designers | Meet the Iconic Designs of Piet Boon


Round Boon and Square Boon: two robust yet classic pendant lamps designed for Moooi lighting. Subdued colours and oversized formats make these pendants lamps recognizable Piet Boon objects.

Kent Fauteuil


Top Interior Designers | Meet the Iconic Designs of Piet Boon


With a solid oak or walnut frame and leather or fabric upholstery, the KENT fauteuil is a modern classic. One soft cushion envelops the chair to provide luxurious seating comfort. This timeless fauteuil can be effortlessly combined with other pieces from the collection.


Fedde Living Series


Top Interior Designers | Meet the Iconic Designs of Piet Boon


Meeting the request for compact furniture, the FEDDE series is perfect for easy living. Inspired by the casual and relaxed atmosphere of our beach houses, the FEDDE series comfortably fits into any environment with its loose wide hem and wonderfully soft arm and backrest. The FEDDE series exists as a sofa, fauteuil, loveseat, and a pouf and – with its removable covers – is easy to maintain.


Saar Dining Series


Top Interior Designers | Meet the Iconic Designs of Piet Boon


The wooden SAAR dining table makes a striking and stylish addition to any room. A contemporary yet timeless design with adjustable leg placements, the table offers simple versatility to suit any dining occasion. Ideal for adapting to the spontaneous demands of a modern lifestyle.


Kekke Dining Series


Top Interior Designers | Meet the Iconic Designs of Piet Boon


The KEKKE series brings refined sophistication to any room. With its curved edges, the table has been specially designed with casual dining in mind. Its sleek steel foot is in chic contrast to its slim top, providing a uniquely stylish and elegant dining experience. The combination of exquisite leather or fabric and cool powder-coated steel makes the KEKKE chair a timeless Piet Boon icon.


Paris Luxury Apartment


The challenge studio faced whilst transforming this exclusive Parisian residence was the merging of two apartments into one – via a small, inconspicuous portal – to create a seamless living experience. The clients, a family with three small children, delivered a very clear brief on both the functional and aesthetic requirements: a timeless and sophisticated design to suit both formal and informal living. To create a veritable bolt-hole away from the hectic pace of city life, they opted for a subdued colour palette.


Top Interior Designers | Meet the Iconic Designs of Piet Boon


They grouped the large collection of artworks and accessories by colour, carefully placing them in the various spaces, and gave each room its own accent colour, such as red, purple or yellow. With no concession on the quality of materials used, this residence truly represents what makes Piet Boon so unique: the ability to create understated luxury and deliver a harmonious living experience. Moreover, the owners’ love for beautiful materials and art objects is evident throughout what really has become a home.


Luxury Condominiums “Oosten” in Williamsburg


Commissioned by XIN Development Group International, Piet Boon is responsible for the interior design and amenities of the substantial residential development project “Oosten” in the trendy upcoming neighbourhood South Williamsburg in Brooklyn.


coveted-Top-Interior-designers -Piet-Boon-top_interior_designers_piet_boon_gallery_williamsburg_oosten_nyc_2


Oosten is located at 421 Kent and is situated along South Williamsburg’s waterfront district. Located east of Manhattan and near the East River, we chose to give it the Dutch name “Oosten”, which means “east” and also refers to New York’s Dutch roots.


Offering 216 high-end homes varying from luxurious studios to extraordinary townhouses, Oosten is unique in its varied typology of building units. These units combine to form not only a greater building but the fabric of a neighbourhood. The design strives to reach across these borders of spaces to provide a consistent design aesthetic that carries through space and time. An important part in all Piet Boon designs is to create and make optimal use of space.


Restaurant “The Jane” in Antwerp


Michelin-star chef Sergio Herman and chef Nick Bril created their “fine dining meets rock ’n roll” restaurant vision together with Piet Boon over three years ago in a mythical location in Antwerp; the chapel of a former military hospital. Piet Boon Studio, responsible for the interior design and styling of The Jane, since then collaborated in the chapel’s unique transformation into a high-end, contemporary restaurant with international allure where experience is key.


coveted-Top-Interior-designers -Piet-Boon-Jane-Restaurant-Antwerp-interior-photo-by-Richard-Powers


Based on a belief in authenticity, functionality and materials that ‘age beautifully’ designers chose to restore only the highly necessary in the chapel and hence preserve the rest. The original ceiling amongst others conveys the pure, understated and respectful environment that serves as the authentic host for the ultimate fine dining experience.


People about Piet Boon


coveted-Top-Interior-designers -Piet-Boon


Boon is that rare designer who is equally comfortable in the loftiest cosmopolitan confines and untouched wilderness. He has designed a concept hotel in The Hague with trademark canopy windows and warmly elegant archways, as well as a series of luxuriously fortressed villas in Bonaire. He can bring a naturally refined aesthetic to decidedly urban spaces, and he can apply heightened concepts seamlessly into more rugged locales. His trick often seems to spring from a conversation between these two poles.


The Piet Boon Studio


Piet Boon studio was founded by Piet in 1982. The Dutch international award-winning design studio and global luxury lifestyle brand is a worldwide recognized specialist in total concept design delivering exterior, interior, and product design excellence for residential and corporate clients and commercial partners around the world.


coveted-Top-Interior-designers -Piet-Boon-Huys-Building-NYC-Piet-Boon-Interior-Design-Real-Estate-6


Karin Meyn, born in 1961, celebrated Dutch interior designer and joined the company in 1986 as a joint business partner to lead Creative Direction and Styling. She has been instrumental in defining the Piet Boon design philosophy and style. Piet Boon Styling is a clearly recognizable interpretation of materials, textures, colours and meticulous detailing.


Since its inception, the practice has acquired an impressive portfolio of private, corporate, and commercial clients in 46 countries around the world. Its headquarters are in Oostzaan, Amsterdam area, the Netherlands. Piet Boon also collaborates with selected brand association partners, like Land Rover, Miele and Bang & Olufsen among others. In addition, Piet Boon has licensed agreements with 11 partners, including Moooi, Formani, Bod’or, and Warendorf.


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Between 2001 and 2012, Piet Boon published five highly successful international coffee table books: Piet Boon, Piet Boon 2, Piet Boon Beach, Piet Boon 3, and the most recent book, Piet Boon Styling by Karin Meyn in both English and Dutch. Piet Boon 3 was published in 2011 in 8 languages. Piet Boon Styling book was written by Karin Meyn, also in 8 languages. It was the first book of Karin, creative director at Piet Boon and head of Styling. The books showcase their international private and corporate projects from an architectural and interior angle.



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