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Top Interior Designers | Geometrix

August 28, 2015
Are you excited about new interior design company to be presented at our luxury magazine CovetED? This time you wont regret at all. By the way, you will be surprised to know that a design company may be created and ruled only by two people. Geometrix Design: includes decorators Elen and Michel, who are passionate about their work.


Background & Realizations: the projects

These people are involved in interior decoration for over thirteen years. After 8 years Elen and Michel became a couple. Their focus of works include apartments and private residences, offices and bars, restaurants and cafes, lofts and penthouses. Except all of this, they discover new aspects of the work daily.

What is more, they endeavour to transfer our work passion on to their clients by pouring all knowledge and experience into creating their home, office or other space.



Every new Geometrix Design project begins with… a cup of fragrant tea or invigorating coffee. So, while talking about it, among the variety of paths and options the one and only one is chosen to satisfy all the client’s wishes.
The Most Iconic Projects

The blog Best Interior Designers has chosen for our readers the top projects that Geometrix has done.

Riviera of Kutuzov


Home is the place where all who love us live. the designers consider this notion while dealing with this interior design. Here were indicated the following points: warm tones, wood. Stone was used with the aim to provide comfort, relaxed atmosphere in the building. A furniture gave the interior a bright individuality.

Palace Triumph


In this project, the team of Geometrix  has abandoned the hard zoning of the space as before in the other projects.
Their task was to give light to the spacious interior. With regards, to this, they “let” the light even in the distant corners of the apartment.

Showroom Quarzforms


The basic idea of this project was to combine concept design and complex geometric wall set. The quartz stone wall was the center of the showroom and demonstrative element of the company’s capabilities.

Fantasy Island


This project was faced by the company with a task to build a light, bright, modern interior, combining comfort, aesthetics and functionality of the space. All over the apartment there was directed the vector of movement which may be observed with the help of a unique construction of walls.



This interior is filled with interesting architectural design and modern materials. Exclusive geometric volume in the living room also serves as art-object and roomy storage system. The kitchen is fully made of natural stone.

TOG – all creators together (partnerships)

For guaranteed results, Geometrix offers services as general contractor. All work, from technical installation to final decoration, is executed with the help of partners they have known and trusted for many years. In view of this fact, their projects include everything needed. In this manner, the company’ll create a space where you’ll want to live, and bask in the pleasure of life.


Inspirational quotes by Geometrix 

“The main customer’s desire- no bare walls for further finishing- was the basic source of inspiration for us. On the one hand, this allowed us to put a number of designer ideas into practice; on the other hand, we had to expertly balance combinations of materials, colors and textures, because any overbalance could play a mean trick on us“, the designers explained.
The Creator’s Choice

While working on one of the most fabulous projects that Geometrix has, it was the result of the case, as one girl approached the company with a request.


The girl was a modern, energetic one that emphasized her wish to have the main feature of the interior – a glossy surface with floral pattern. After a lot of work and efforts the following project was designed.

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