Top Interior Designers: Elizabeth Metcalfe

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Over the last two decades, Elizabeth Metcalfe Interiors have quietly become known and respected for creating interiors that unify classic style with modern luxury. They have been featured all over the world and have received international recognition and awards for their excellence within the design community. Follow CovetED below and learn more about this incredible interior designer.


Top Interior Designers: Elizabeth Metcalfe


Elizabeth Metcalfe Interiors have established a reputation for their beautifully designed interiors that fulfill their client’s appreciation for beauty, reverence for thoughtful design, and respect for quality. While they work on a broad spectrum of styles, their underlying design philosophy remains consistent. Their interiors have a quiet drama, a distinct luxury of details, materials, and finishes. A sense of restraint, clarity, and atmosphere is the foundation of their work. Rooms have an approachable luxury, understated elegance and unquestionable beauty.



Elizabeth Metcalfe and her senior designers, are personally involved in every decision throughout the design process and collaborate one-on-one with their clients. Together they are committed to a highly personalized experience with a belief that creating a home can and should be enjoyable. It is important that their clients are inspired rather than intimidated by the creative process of design. Elizabeth and her team help their clients articulate what they love and guide them through the development of the design and build experience.


Top Interior Designers: Elizabeth Metcalfe



It is their commitment to educate and expose their clients to new concepts, products, and ideas. Every project reveals an infinite number of possibilities. Innovative layouts and designs, combined with unexpected finishes and quality furnishings will set their home apart from the predictable and mediocre. Every interior is a union of beauty and functionality; a pursuit of excellence with attention to detail; and a dedication to giving each client more than they ever thought possible. Their designs are elegant yet comfortable; unrestrained yet refined; always unforgettable and distinctive.


Top Interior Designers: Elizabeth Metcalfe


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