Top Architects | Thomas Juul-Hansen

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Top Architects | Thomas Juul-Hansen

September 2, 2015
The architect Thomas Juul-Hansen, New York based, has on his portfolio some of the priciest apartments in New York City. Recognized as one of the designers of the moment, Thomas is scoring high-profile projects in Manhattan’s wealthiest zip codes.

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Thomas Juul-Hansen was born and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark.
He received his bachelor of architecture from university of Miami and a master of architecture from Harvard university graduate school of design.
Juul-Hansen starts his career working with iconic Richard Meier and partners architects in New York, But it wasn’t till 2003 that he founded Thomas Juul-Hansen, llc .

Thomas Juul-Hansen, llc

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Since its foundation in 2003, Thomas Juul-Hansen, llc has developed a diverse body of design work including residential, hospitality, retail and interiors.
Each project, the firm designs a unique and innovative formal option to create a notion of timeless manifesto through thoughtful investigations of contextual sensitivity, materiality and customization.

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The signature design
Thomas believes that quality of design is an ongoing practice, defines by the surrounding of site and circumstance, culture and climate, program and function.
The interiors designed by Thomas are a continuous harmony of light and space, his talent is recognized for the coherent customized design solutions.

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“Whatever you think is crazy, just triple it,” he says. “We made bathtubs that were carved out of solid blocks of stone. You’d have Italians with lots of coffee and cigarettes chipping away for months on end” to build them.


With a special focus on residential project some of his ongoing current and completed projects include 505 w 19 on the Chelsea high line; project falcon in London; two ten west 77 in upper Manhattan; 300 Collins in South Beach; 50 west in lower Manhattan; and one57 in midtown west.

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The firm has commissioned, as well, a several projects of private residential for clients like chef Jean Georges Vongerichten, jeweler David Yurman, branding guru David Lipmann, entrepreneur Damon dash, telecommunications mogul Michael Hartenstein, and film executive Paula Wagner.

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Iconic Project
HIGH LINE 23 (HL23)- Chelsea High Line, New York City

All layouts and interior designs of the fourteen story building designed by architect Neil Denari are executed by Thomas Juul-Hansen, llc.

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The unconventional building form situated on the historic elevated railway bay influenced the interior layouts for each of the unique eleven residences.

The unconventional shape of the building influences each units’ unique interior layout which have been designed by Thomas Juul-Hansen. Juul-Hansen’s precise plans focus on clean, welcoming and simple designs that articulate moments throughout the spaces.

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The building contains eleven homes, including nine full-floor residencies and two duplexes. The first duplex on floors two and three includes a living room with 18 foot ceilings and a 700-square foot private outdoor space. The penthouse duplex includes a modernist glass cube living room featuring oversized sliding doors that open onto the 1,100-square foot wrap- around private terrace.

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