Gérard Faivre Revolutionizes Luxury Real Estate

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In the world of interior design, Gérard Faivre, a world-renowned interior designer, ranked among the most influential, has made decoration a true artistic expression. By placing emotion, beauty and life at the heart of his universe, he transforms the classic vision of decoration by giving it a new impetus. Alchemist of modern times, Gérard Faivre is above all a visionary. CovetED Magazine has recently updated the list of the World’s Top 100 Most Inspiring Designers and Gérard Faivre is one of them, of course.


Gérard Faivre Revolutionizes Luxury Real Estate 1


The “Art Homes” concept of the Gérard Faivre brand is positioned as THE reference for luxury real estate that offers for sale apartments in Paris and properties in Provence, fully renovated, decorated, furnished, ready to live in, never inhabited, combined with a Concierge Service. More than just a concept, a real signature that continues to appeal to our prestigious international clientele. A purchasing alternative governed by emotion.

Gérard Faivre Revolutionizes Luxury Real Estate 2

Gérard Faivre Revolutionizes Luxury Real Estate 2

Quoting Gérard Faivre: “Our offer is very different from traditional real estate agents and especially interior designers; it is an alternative that responds to the demand of an international client that wants to have as few concerns as possible when it comes to acquiring a property. And each time, it’s love at first sight, a meeting, an emotion. » A unique signature.



The originality of the Gérard Faivre brand is to never be confined to a defined style, but rather to create unique and timeless places where the great classicism rhymes with modernity.

Gérard Faivre Revolutionizes Luxury Real Estate

Because here, there are hardly any diktat, blinding white, emptiness or clinical lines, but on the contrary, colour, warm materials, the crossing of epochs and style.

To create these living places, chic and contemporary, Gérard works with the best craftsmen and companies. For the realization of bathrooms and kitchens as well as for the choice of furniture, he selects the most famous luxury brands and the big names within design. He also collaborates with art galleries that help make these places even more unique.


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