Best Design Projects From 5 Janelas

Best Design Projects From 5 Janelas 5

Best Design Projects From 5 Janelas

November 16, 2019

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With more that 20 years of existence, and headed by Francisco Neves, 5 Janelas has the needs of their clients as the most important starting point of their work, already distinguished by the interior design bible Andrew Martin. 5 Janelas has also been recently included in the World’s Top 100 Interior Designers by CovetED Magazine, in partnership with Best Interior Designers. So take a look at their best design projects to understand why this Portuguese interior design studio is so special.


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With a precise look and, at the same time, paying attention to the needs of those who look for him, Francisco has a wonderful portfolio with impressive and successful interior design projects, such as Pastelaria Fina, in Guimarães, Cidnay Hotel (two suites and the balcony), in Santo Tirso, the recent Hamici Jewel store, also in Guimarães, and the worldwide recognized Atinqvvm, in Porto, just to name a few.


Best Design Projects From 5 Janelas

Pastelaria Fina, in Guimarães


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Cidnay Hotel, in Santo Tirso

Design Service 2019


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Hamici Jewel store


The interior design project of Antiqvvm luxury restaurant was a real challenge and it was planned to merge with the surroundings.



The existing building was already full of History and had a impressive garden around the building. Those gardens were the strongest influence for the interior decoration.


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The designer tried to bring indoors the essence of the landscape: the beautiful river view and the gardens. The intervention was focused on the details of serenity and comfort, composed by a game of colors, textures, light and scents, as Francisco Neves describe it.


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Every single project is born out of the dichotomy of the client’s way of living and the designer’s interpretation of the space and needs. It is not possible to separate these two forces. The strongest aspect of each project is the fact that Francisco always focuses his attention on the client and the dialogue with him/her.



5 Janelas’ clients trust on the studio and on the designer because they know that it is the guarantee of a sur mesure service, to get the perfect final project. Because at the end, what matters, is the satisfaction of the person/people who will live there every day.



Interior design is service of proximity. When a work is done, a bond is created. A bond that is no possible to be undone. For that reason, any moment until the end, 5 Janelas’ clients can come to him and ask for another detail, another request. Francisco believes that no trend is more important than the clients’ needs.


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