The take of Andrée Putman on Hotel Ritz Carlton Wolfsburg

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The legacy of designer Andrée Putman is definitely kept through her daughter Olivia Putman who is currently running Studio PutmanWith her work, there are many projects that resulted in some wonderful interior projects. She has the help of a wonderful and multitasked team that she relies on, thanks to whom the Studio has created many wonderful projects in the hotel industry. CovetED will be showing you one of Studio Putman‘s most noticeable projects: Hotel Ritz Carlton Wolfsburg.


The take of Studio Putman on Hotel Ritz Carlton Wolfsburg

All photo credits belong to Hotel Ritz Carlton Wolfsburg


This consists of a five-star hotel in Wolfsburg, Germany known for many features. Among them, we can name the unique decor in their Newman’s Bar, the Three-starred Michelin restaurant Aqua, a floating outdoor swimming pool, a SPA and a variety of Hotel Rooms and Suites. You have an Execute Suite, a Club Suite and a Black & White Suite as an option should you choose to spend a couple of days in Germany.


The take of Studio Putman on Hotel Ritz Carlton Wolfsburg


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The take of Studio Putman on Hotel Ritz Carlton Wolfsburg


What was Studio Putman‘s role in this hotel’s design? Fun fact: the Hotel Ritz Carlton Wolfsburg had its original design concept created by Andrée Putman herself. The hotel was recently the target of a redesign concept, which was developed by Autostadt Creative Director Maria Schneider and her team, in a cooperative action with Elliott Barnes Interiors.


The take of Studio Putman on Hotel Ritz Carlton Wolfsburg


Much of what made Andrée Putman‘s original interior design project look and feel special to all guests were kept in this latest revamp. The main purpose of the re-decor was to provide a contemporary update of the original design concept. This was obtained through the use of an extensive art collection, unique craftsmanship and some unique and exquisite quality that still manages to give the hotel a unique charm.


The take of Studio Putman on Hotel Ritz Carlton Wolfsburg


A type of compartment in which Andrée Putman‘s signature design is featured is definitely on the Black Suite and White Suite located on the fourth floor of The Ritz-Carlton, Wolfsburg. Putman’s style is still reflected upon in decor elements such as the colour schemes in each suite and bathrooms. The design team of Elliott Barnes (who happened to have worked with Andrée Putman) took it upon themselves to restore the original black and white checkerboard tiles, as well as to create a rotunda covered with an aluminium-coloured dome to mark the entrance to the suites.


The take of Studio Putman on Hotel Ritz Carlton Wolfsburg


Andrée Putman had a positive influence on her daughter Olivia Putman, who is the current manager of Studio PutmanShe continued her mother’s legacy while at the same time establishing her own path in this company. Aside from having completed many great projects during her life, Olivia comes off as the perfect example of a woman who loves her job and the team who accompanies her.


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