The Most CovetED Interior Designers In Bucharest

The Most CovetED Interior Designers In Bucharest

December 24, 2020


Probably the most unexpected place. Right? But Bucharest is at another level in terms of designing interiors. With many talented designers delivering and honouring their client’s projects, with contemporary furniture, design chandeliers, allowing clients’ ideas to come to life. CovetED did its homework and selected a few studios from the Romanian capital that deliver dream houses.


1. Lemon Interior Design


The Most CovetED Interior Designers In Bucharest


Lemon Interior Design is a multi-award winning design studio based in Bucharest. Their proposal is to create functional but highly fashionable modern interiors. Lemon is so versatile that they don’t follow trends, they actually set trends on the Romanian Interior Design.


2. Twins Studio


The Most CovetED Interior Designers In Bucharest



Also based in Bucharest, twins studio is an interior design and architecture studio specialised in commercial spaces and hospitality interior design. Devoted to lighting design, they often create eclectic interiors, almost psychedelic, with warm neon colours and massive contemporary lighting fixtures.




3. Delta Studio


The Most CovetED Interior Designers In Bucharest



Delta Studio is a unique interior design studio. Not only do they create simple luxury interiors but also own the best interior decor showrooms in Romania. It is easy to create effortless interior spaces when you have the best suppliers.



4. iDecorate Studio


The Most CovetED Interior Designers In Bucharest



Have you bought a new house and don’t know how to arrange it? What colours to use? How to transform a dull space into one that represents you, to make you feel “at home”? This design studio helps you find the answer to these questions. They offer a new vision of the space, a new look, by modelling and completing the wishes of the beneficiaries. Each project represents a challenge and benefits from a unique, exclusive design, from its own concept.


5. Jooca Studio


The Most CovetED Interior Designers In Bucharest


Jooca Studio is a team of four interior designers passionate about design in all its forms. The studio aims to be different and this helps them to be versatile and to tell the story of each client. Colours and the simplicity of things is what defines them.



6. InSIGN Studio




InSIGN Studio is part of Noblesse Group International, a multi-brand company that includes the following brands: Noblesse Interiors, Noblesse Palace – Lifestyle Palace, Noblesse Academy and Fusion Arts. Noblesse Group International operates in the field of creative and cultural industries, offering products and services that add value to your lifestyle. The company’s headquarters is the Noblesse Palace, a true architectural and cultural jewel of Bucharest, dating from 1881 and built by the architect Alexandru Savulescu. After a complex process of consolidation, restoration with the great responsibility of the original elements, interior and exterior design, the building becomes, starting with 2015, what it is today: one of the most important centres of design, lifestyle and culture in Europe.


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7. Creativ Interior




Creativ Interior is an interior design studio in Romania that promotes a lifestyle based on comfort and a truly unforgettable environment through personalized arrangements. The studio was founded in 2014 by two interior architects Roman Octavian and Berezovskaia Natalia. And today, thanks to extensive experience, it offers residential and commercial projects, HoReCa and offices, including fitness centres; private houses, luxury apartments.


8. Pascal Delmotte


The Most CovetED Interior Designers In Bucharest


Interior design agency – Pascal Delmotte: it also means a whole team that shares the same spirit and is in a permanent dialogue with its clients, necessarily caring about their involvement and the reflection of their personality in the project. All projects are unique, “custom made” and represent a real challenge.




The Most CovetED Interior Designers In Bucharest


OBLIC STUDIO is a group of energetic architects and designers with exacerbated design senses, despite focusing on all the details of the client’s wishes, the studios also see into every detail, have a taste only for qualitative and long-lasting materials and embrace the human connection that happens at the end of every successful project. When architecture and design are done right, space feels magical.





The Most CovetED Interior Designers In Bucharest


The management is formed by a partnership between Senior Expert Architects and Engineers with international experience in Architecture, Design coordination and Project Management. Our Team is comprised of highly qualified architects and civil engineers who drive best practice standards through a close association with national and international professional institutions. The result is a first-class project management solution.



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