The most Amazing Dining Rooms by Timothy Corrigan


Timothy Corrigan, Inc. consists of an interior design firm which specializes in interior design. Their main style? Incorporating antiques into most of its projects. In order to best exemplify his style, CovetED will be showing you some lovely examples through some of the best dining rooms he’s created.


It’s no wonder his unique design work has managed to be featured into publications such as Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, In Style, Traditional Home Town & Country, among many more. Specializing in mid-century styling, Timothy Corrigan has managed to create fame for himself in both LA and Paris. Let’s see some of his best dining rooms, shall we?


The most Amazing Dining Rooms by Timothy Corrigan


One of the main features of a mid-century dining room has to do with the effective usage of colours. By betting on a rainbow-styled approach within the interior concept of the dining area, the visual result can be stunning. In the case of the dining room above Timothy Corrigan managed to surpass expectations.


The most Amazing Dining Rooms by Timothy Corrigan


When decorating a dining room, remember that it can be quite similar to the living room on many accounts. After all, it’s a place you choose to use when you want to host dinner for your friends or a formal dinner with someone. The exhibit above is an appealing element to any social or family gatherings, thanks to its intense use of classic wood furniture combined with unique patterns, and the use of classic decor objects.




The most Amazing Dining Rooms by Timothy Corrigan


A dining room can be versatile although it’s mostly used for having family meals such as lunch or dinner. If you’re the type of person who uses the dining room for other social activities then make sure to make it a cosy ambience. The third example of Timothy Corrigan bests on the use of woods and warm colours to make the space filled with classic positive energy for the whole family.


The most Amazing Dining Rooms by Timothy Corrigan


The fourth example follows sort of the same logic as the previous one, balancing out with a couple of blue elements here and there. Fortunately, this dining area has a lot of natural light entering inside which provides it with a clear advantage in comparison to other concepts throughout this article.


The most Amazing Dining Rooms by Timothy Corrigan


The last example reminds us of another element that makes a dining room and any other space of the house: the lighting. For a Mid-Century dining room make sure to pick some of the most classic chandeliers to provide the space with class and refinement. Timothy Corrigan sure took that note into the matter when he finalized this project.


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