The Best Interior Designers From Los Angeles (PART 3!)

The Best Interior Designers From Los Angeles (PART 3!)

April 25, 2021

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Los Angeles has a special place in our heart, we must confess that their interior designers are incredible! The City of Angels has always sparked millions of people’s imaginations. It has seen by many as the zenith of lifestyle, the place to be and to live. Home of Hollywood and most of our favourite films, Los Angeles has slowly turned itself into a cultural hotspot around the globe. So it would only be natural if some of the Top Interior Designers lived and practised there. And now it’s time to meet some of them.


Discover The PART 2 Of The Best Interior Designers From Los Angeles


1. Kishani Perera


The Best Interior Designers From Los Angeles (PART 3!)


Known for her unique vision, innovative approach and die-hard work ethic, Kishani Perera counts on an infinity of resources to transform beautiful spaces that have apparently evolved over decades rather than months. This natural talent to combine the Reclaimed with Refined, the Ordinary with Ornamental, has fascinated a number of people from celebrities to pop stars. A Top Interior Designer with a cosmopolitan flair and passion for bygone eras are always a presence when creating homes that are both chic and livable.


2. Johnston Marklee


The Best Interior Designers From Los Angeles (PART 3!)



The Los Angeles-based architecture practice Johnston Marklee is a partnership between Sharon Johnston and Mark Lee who also creates magnificent interiors. Unlike previous generations who had a signature style, this duo wants to escape that. At first sight, their buildings may seem subdued. However, when you go inside you’ll find structures that unfold like origami. Their unique style and space concept put this L.A. firm in increasing demand in the midst of cultural institutions in the United States.


Covet HouseBoca do LoboLuxxuMaison ValentinaPullCastCircu


3. Madeline Stuart


The Best Interior Designers From Los Angeles (PART 3!)


Madeline Stuart is a leading member of the Los Angeles design community. Original, Personal, Beautiful, as we can read on her website, these are the words that better describe Madeline’s projects. With a Timeless Design and respect for Architecture and site, Stuart’s firm seeks to create an atmosphere that exudes comfort, harmony and lack of pretence. Most of her work is dedicated to the entertainment industry and the world of business and finance.


4. Commune Design


The Best Interior Designers From Los Angeles (PART 3!)


As the name implies, Commune Design is a Los Angeles-based Design Studio, that values the strength of the collective mind, believing that authentic creativity and innovation come from collaboration. The actual merit of their work comes from their collaborations with their clients as well as with other members of the community. This is a studio with a reputation for holistic work across the fields of architecture, product, graphic and Interior Design.


5. David Netto


The Best Interior Designers From Los Angeles (PART 3!)



David grew up surrounded by taste and people talking about Design, in the Upper East Side – New York, and he was interested in architecture, furniture and cars from an early age. Now, David is a well-respected Top Interior Designer working out of Los Angeles, spending half of his time writing (books and a column for Town & Country). In his projects, David Netto tries to give Modernism a touch of warmth and personality and grants to Traditionalism young energy with a dash of exotic.


6. 22 Interiors


The Best Interior Designers From Los Angeles (PART 3!)


22 Interiors is a full-service, award win Interior Design Agency with Residential and Commercial projects throughout the United States. An agency that strives for Function, Flow And Beauty in every room, taking advantage of years of experience in the design and management process. Their goal is to create spaces that Feel Good, Look Good, and ultimately make a positive difference in their customer’s lives.



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7. Bestor Architecture


The Best Interior Designers From Los Angeles (PART 3!)


Founded by Barbara Bestor and based in L.A.Bestor Architecture has designed a number of award-winning projects like headquarters for Beats by Dre and Snap, Blackbirds, a new small-lot housing development in Echo Park, and a variety of experimental residences and commercial establishments. This firm has transformed architecture and design by infusing its Projects with bold use of pattern, colour, and graphics.


8. Paul Fortune Design Studio


The Best Interior Designers From Los Angeles (PART 3!)


Operating since 1982, Paul Fortune Design Studio has been enjoying a number of selective clients worldwide – especially in the Entertainment, Art, And Media Fields. Showing a particular and distinctive style widely recognized by the Design Industry. The strongest feature of Fortune Studio is working with clients with a clear vision to create welcoming yet subtly enriching environments. The Design Studio accepts only a limited number of projects per year with the aim of giving both the client and the Individual Design Process the full attention they deserve.


9. Suzanne Rheinstein


The Best Interior Designers From Los Angeles (PART 3!)


Born and raised in New Orleans, this Top Interior Designer keeps a deep connection to the traditions of that city. However, her Southern Sense Of Style And Hospitality, the Visual Sophistication she obtained living on the East Coast, and her taste for the tranquil and relaxed lifestyle of Southern California have made her a wanted talent. Suzanne Rheinstein is known for her signature style that is often described as Elegant Civility —“Fewer Things But Better Things”.


10. Gensler


The Best Interior Designers From Los Angeles (PART 3!)


“Leveraging The Power Of Design To Create A Better World.”Gensler‘s motto takes Design to another level. This global team is reimagining the future of cities believing the world is definitively changing and that change is for the best. One community, united by the commitment to holistically improve the human experience. Naturally optimistic, this company wants to use the Power Of Design to spark positivity and create a future that promotes equity, resilience, and wellbeing for everyone.


11. Ryan Saghian


The Best Interior Designers From Los Angeles (PART 3!)



Ryan Saghian is one of the most promising talents of his generation and has become one of the most-loved Top Interior Designers for discerning clientele and celebrities, who revere his raw yet refined sensibilities. Native and L.A.-based, Ryan seeks inspiration in his hometown mixing Vintage Design and Old Hollywood touches at his projects. His bold work and stylings have been featured in Elle DecorArchitectural DigestVogueInteriors CaliforniaHouse Beautiful, Robb ReportTraditional Home, and Modern Luxury, among other top-tier outlets. Other than that, Saghian is a leading voice for young people who are driven by his messages of self-empowerment, self-expression, equality, and self-worth.


Essential HomeDelightfullRugSocietyBrabbuCaffe Latte


12. Mary McDonald


The Best Interior Designers From Los Angeles (PART 3!)


Award-winning, internationally published Los Angeles-based Interior Designer and also one of the stars of Bravo TV’s “Million Dollar Decorators” & “Property Envy” series. Mary McDonald is one of today’s most wanted Tastemakers known for her exuberant and fearless Design Method that is shown in her glamorous and timeless masterwork. The Top Interior Designer works for prestigious clients as renowned celebrities and Forbes 400 families.


13. LM Design Group


The Best Interior Designers From Los Angeles (PART 3!)


LM Design Group is a full-service Luxury Architecture And Interior Design, founded by the partners Leonid Minkovski – CEO And Design Director – and Linda Marlin – Interior Designer -, who brings a unique wealth of experience and magisterial quality to their projects. The design group is made up of hundreds of manufacturers and works closely with skilled master craftsmen and talented artists, all of which create authentic and high-end custom designs. The company portfolio includes Luxury commercial properties, large palatial homes, and historical properties.


14. Ryan White Designs




If you want to talk about living in a comfortable way with a touch of sophistication allied to clean and rich interiors then you should know Ryan White, the owner and president of Ryan White Designs. The Top Interior Designer started his career in the fashion industry in New York. Nevertheless, after relocating to L.A. on a quest to find new goals and aspirations, White found his passion for Design. Surely Ryan always had a good aesthetic sense!


15. ODG Interiors


The Best Interior Designers From Los Angeles (PART 3!)


“Design A Home Where People Can Dream”, that’s the goal of Ohara – Principal Designer of Ohara Davies-Gaetano Interiors. The Interior Designer embodies a natural and artful approach to design. Raised in New York surrounded by artists, Ohara began her study of art and design very young and carried on her studies by travelling, observing and absorbing the world around her. A resident of Laguna Beach, California, her clients are provided with a unique and personal design experience.




16. Rottet Studio


The Best Interior Designers From Los Angeles (PART 3!)


Leader in the Architecture And Design IndustryRottet Studio is an international firm that has a substantial portfolio of Corporate, Hospitality, Residential And Maritime projects for the world’s leading companies and brands. Rottet (Pronounced Row-Tay) is known in the market as innovators, not followers and stays ahead of the Design curve by setting trends based on their vast experience and knowledge. The main objective of the team is to create Stunning, Functional And Timeless places that promote a better way of life.


17. Perks&Will


The Best Interior Designers From Los Angeles (PART 3!)


People are the substance of Perks& Will‘s work, whose purpose is to design places that make a positive difference in the world. – “Places That Honor Humanity.” as we can read on their website. This studio collaborates with clients all over the world to create healthy, sustainable places in which to live, learn, work, play, and heal. This is a group of creative thinkers with a clear passion for Design and compassion for communities.


18. ZGF Architects


The Best Interior Designers From Los Angeles (PART 3!)



Design Firm with an intentionally varied portfolio that designs buildings, plans communities, creates art and develops responsive, humane environments for all generations. ZGF thinks beyond technical solutions to integrate beauty, materiality and craft into everything they touch. This team of Designers And Architects believes the physical environment has a big influence on human performance, well-being and inspiration.


19. ETC.etera


The Best Interior Designers From Los Angeles (PART 3!)


Founded in 2016 by the Interior Designer Sally Breer and the Stylist/Creative Director Jake Rodehuth-HarrisonETC.etera (Etc For Short) is an Interior Design firm based in Los Angeles. This company loves to think outside the box and bring their clients along with them for the ride. This is how they have the best ideas, always with a combination of Form, Functionality And Mood. The main focus is on Residential And Hospitality Projects and this team of Top Interior Designers wants to create spaces that go beyond trend and that are as easy on the soul as they are on the eyes.




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