The Best Interior Designers From Los Angeles (PART 2!)

The Best Interior Designers From Los Angeles (PART 2!)

April 24, 2021

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Los Angeles has a special place in our heart, we must confess that their interior designers are incredible! The City of Angels has always sparked millions of people’s imaginations. It has seen by many as the zenith of lifestyle, the place to be and to live. Home of Hollywood and most of our favourite films, Los Angeles has slowly turned itself into a cultural hotspot around the globe. So it would only be natural if some of the Top Interior Designers lived and practised there. And now it’s time to meet some of them.


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1. 30A interiors


The Best Interior Designers From Los Angeles (PART 2!)


Owner Carolyn Simmons has over 30 years of experience in interior design and remodels. In 2011 she decided it was time to open her own business after moving to the gorgeous Santa Rosa Beach area. 30A Interiors is a multiple-award design firm specializing in whole house projects, located along the well-known corridor of Highway 30A in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. Carolyn Simmons and members of her team have established a collection of projects that all speak to the casual comfortable way of living on and near the beach along the Gulf of Mexico. Keeping the simple life simple and creating your happy place at the beach is at the top of the list on every project.



2. Alison Kandler Interior Design


The Best Interior Designers From Los Angeles (PART 2!)


As an interior designer and decorator, this best interior designer enjoys creating beautiful rooms that are also comfortable. Her projects range in scale from redesigning a kitchen or bathroom, to designing every interior detail of a newly constructed house. While most of her work is inspired by traditional architecture and interior design from the 1920s and 1930s, she is just as comfortable working in a warm contemporary style.



3. Angela Rich Interiors


The Best Interior Designers From Los Angeles (PART 2!)


Exquisite furnishings in beautiful surroundings are the mark of a life well-lived and discovering those treasures are the joys of a life well-lived. Every sightline within your home should present a beautiful vignette that is both delightful to the eyes and easy to live within. Weaving new treasures, art & objet d’art into your existing furnishings will blend these “joys of a life” seamlessly while achieving your interior design objectives.



4. Anna Lisa Avelar Interiors


The Best Interior Designers From Los Angeles (PART 2!)


Anna Lisa Avelar specializes in light-filled interiors that are soft yet structured, with a feeling of earthiness. Quality materials and a high standard for craftsmanship are the cruces of her design philosophy. Her main office is in Los Gatos, and her team works on projects throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, Southern California, and around the country.


5. Big Red Rooster


The Best Interior Designers From Los Angeles (PART 2!)


They are a multidimensional brand experience firm. From the marketplace to the workplace, they create transformative human experiences that get results. They continue to prove that by thinking and acting differently, they deliver significant value and exponential growth to their clients’ businesses. They envision, design, and implement big ideas that meet consumers where they are — creating a series of connected moments that move people to action. These experiences require more than just good design. They require smart, strategic decisions that are rooted in insights, filtered through a customer-focused lens, and delivered flawlessly. These are the type of experiences we create at Big Red Rooster. And that’s why clients all over the world are benefitting from this best interior designers expertise.



Covet HouseBoca do LoboLuxxuMaison ValentinaPullCastCircu


6. Birgit Klein Interiors


The Best Interior Designers From Los Angeles (PART 2!)


Birgit Klein is a Los Angeles and Montecito/Santa Barbara-based full-service interior architecture and design studio that has established a reputation for creating luxurious and timeless interiors that are both comfortable and relaxed. Birgit’s elevated aesthetic, cultivated through her European background and experience, provides a consistent foundation for her work, enabling her to balance her aesthetic vision with her client’s tastes and lifestyle to create truly bespoke environments. This custom-tailored approach allows the individual needs of each of her clients to be represented in her design, creating spaces that are both beautiful and functional.


7. David Dalton Inc.


The Best Interior Designers From Los Angeles (PART 2!)


David Dalton brings more than thirty years of experience in design, architecture, set decoration, and construction to the process of creating unique and exclusive interiors.

“I truly believe Beauty has the ability to transform lives and this core belief influences all of our work and remains our primary mission,”



8. Demitri Christian Interior Design


The Best Interior Designers From Los Angeles (PART 2!)


Los Angeles-based designer Demitri Sgourakis works globally and is best known for his modern approach to eclectic interiors. His eye for fashion-forward style combined with his deep knowledge & appreciation for the historical roots of design, resulting in fresh yet classic creations.


9. Duffek Design & Development, Inc


The Best Interior Designers From Los Angeles (PART 2!)


Deana Duffek, the owner & the principal designer is known for her high integrity, keen attention to detail and ardent commitment to quality. Beginning her career in Interior Design 25+ years ago, Deana found her passion for design early in life and has spent her entire career immersed in the interior design & product development arenas. With both a Bachelors of Fine Art in Interior Architecture & Design and a Masters of Fine Art in Organizational Leadership, Deana brings a disciplined approach and creative leadership to each project she and her team embark on.


10. Fiona Lau Interior Design



Upon completing her Architecture and Interior Design program at UCLA, Fiona’s passion for interior designing grew stronger than ever. During the program, she was selected as the winner of the James R. Northcutt Scholarship award. Before starting the company, she worked at a residential development company as a designer, which broadened her view of construction. She gains her inspiration from many platforms such as books, magazines, the internet, shops and people around her.  She enjoys sharing views with others, being open-minded, and bounce ideas back and forth between different people. She believes that by being flexible and a good listener, creative ideas are born. Being flexible and a good listener allows her to see the client’s need so that designs can be tailored to meet their goals.



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11. Jeremiah Brent

The Best Interior Designers From Los Angeles (PART 2!)


Jeremiah’s love of artistry and interiors first cultivated with furniture design. Expanding upon his technical skills, he parlayed his love of artistry and fashion into the decor, quickly gaining notoriety in the interior design world. After founding his design firm in 2011, Jeremiah has transformed countless homes, restaurants, and public spaces across coasts. His “no rules” approach to California Modern style is inspired by the natural beauty of his home state and travels to the far reaches of the globe. Jeremiah curates his clients’ homes to reflect those journeys and demonstrates that successful interior design is, above all else, a personal reflection of one’s past, present and future.


12. Joan Behnke And Associates


The Best Interior Designers From Los Angeles (PART 2!)


Founded in 1999, Joan Behnke & Associates, Inc. is rooted in the deep belief of interior design as both fine art and a profound opportunity for self-expression. The firm, now grown to internationally acclaimed design practice, thrives on working intimately with their clients to transform the spaces they inhabit and infuse them with a deeper kind of beauty that transcends the imagination and continues to flourish and inspire for a lifetime. This intimate, meticulous and dedicated process is one that Joan personally carries through each project as well as in the selection and training of every member of her team.


13. Little Crown Interiors


The Best Interior Designers From Los Angeles (PART 2!)


Naomi Alon Coe is the founder of Little Crown Interiors and author of the nursery design book, Your Perfect Nursery. She founded Little Crown Interiors in 2008, focusing her design studio on nurseries and child spaces after seeing this specialized skill missing from other firms.  Bringing together beauty, functionality and safety, Naomi believes in creating spaces for her clients that are unique, intentional and curated.


14. Mark D.Sikes


The Best Interior Designers From Los Angeles (PART 2!)


Mark D. Sikes is an esteemed interior designer and tastemaker working on projects throughout the United States. He is known for all-American sensibilities and a fresh take on classical aesthetics. Mark has a talent for creating beautiful and timeless interiors that embody an indoor/outdoor lifestyle.


15. Nate Fischer Interiors


The Best Interior Designers From Los Angeles (PART 2!)


Nate Fischer is a Laguna Beach Interior Designer. At Nate Fischer Interiors, we create approachable spaces that tell the story of you and your home. No two projects are alike and we have mastered the art of blending and balancing the best of modern and classic interior design styles.



Essential HomeDelightfullRugSocietyBrabbuCaffe Latte


16. Opulent Design-Build


The Best Interior Designers From Los Angeles (PART 2!)


As its name implies, Opulent employs a design-build approach and services the entirety of the Orange County area. It provides a full range of general contracting services and also handles project management, permitting, and engineering. It also employs the latest green building techniques and is known for its excellent customer service. Because of its approach, it is able to better control costs, making it more than equipped to deliver its projects on time and within budget. Manned by an experienced team of designers, and builders, Opulent has also worked on several large-scale development projects and was the company behind the completion of multiple 600-unit spaces. Focusing more on its single-family residential work, the firm is distinguished for its kitchens, luxurious entrances, and master bedrooms and bathrooms.


17. Philpotts Interiors


The Best Interior Designers From Los Angeles (PART 2!)


Interior design is more than the making of space. It is the result of an intimate collaboration between designer and client, working together to enhance environments through an imaginative blend of aesthetic and function. Rooted in Hawaii with a reach across the U.S. mainland, and the Pacific, they are artisans of their craft. Inspired by their firm’s legacy and our client’s unique needs, they synthesize art, craft, and culture to create extraordinary spaces for living and working.


18. Richaud Associates


The Best Interior Designers From Los Angeles (PART 2!)


With a career spanning over 20 years and over 5 times Award Winner, Architectural interior designer Beatriz Richaud specializes in residential, commercial, multifamily, corporate, and aircraft design. Beatriz has earned a reputation for having a sophisticated style of design and a deep commitment to outstanding service for every project.




19. Sheila Todd Interiors


The Best Interior Designers From Los Angeles (PART 2!)


Sheila is a trained artist and designer with a sophisticated eye for spotting global trends and translating them into cool, elegant, and casual modern interiors. Sheila’s style reflects a soft contemporary approach, working with both new and old pieces to create unique and comfortable living environments. Sheila’s clients rely on her discerning taste and timeless aesthetic to help create their dream homes. Sheila has extensive experience in total and partial reconstruction, kitchen design, bathroom design, all interior detailing, decorating, and final staging.


20. Steichen Interior Design


The Best Interior Designers From Los Angeles (PART 2!)


Nationally celebrated interior designer Laurie Steichen is widely known for creating uniquely luxurious, harmonious spaces. With 30 years of experience in transforming interiors of high-end residential and commercial properties, Laurie’s work has been showcased in dozens of national publications including Veranda, Elle Decor, House Beautiful, Southern Accents, and Town & Country.


21. Stephanie Wohlner


The Best Interior Designers From Los Angeles (PART 2!)


Stephanie Wohlner, Allied member ASID, is a graduate of Harrington School of Design and has been designing residential interiors for over 25 years in Chicago, the North Shore, and beyond. Creating sophisticated spaces that last, she utilizes high-quality product paired with timeless design. Stephanie infuses soul and rhythm into spaces by translating a client’s vision through a curated lens, creating a beautiful result.


22. Susan Strauss Design


The Best Interior Designers From Los Angeles (PART 2!)


Susan Strauss Design is well established as a leading full-service design firm creating elegant, one of a kind spaces. Founded by the principal, Susan Strauss, the firm has been creating luxurious living environments for clients of the most discerning tastes for over a decade. Susan Strauss’ signature design aesthetic has kept the firm growing by leaps and bounds, attracting clients locally, nationally, and globally.


23. WATG – Honolulu


The Best Interior Designers From Los Angeles (PART 2!)


With care, insight, and imagination they are consistently inspired by and celebrate the people, cultures and environments in which they work. From their dawning days in 1945 Honolulu, they have pioneered hospitality, tourism and destination design. Independent to this day, they are a global multi-disciplinary design firm specializing in Strategy, Master Planning, Architecture, Landscape and Wimberly Interiors. They are a team of 500 creative, world-travelling professionals designing landmark urban and leisure destinations with eight offices across three continents.


24. wHY Architecture


The Best Interior Designers From Los Angeles (PART 2!)


They are a team of interdisciplinary makers and thinkers, committed to creating lasting connections between people, culture, and place.




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