Philippe Starck Bedrooms for Hotel M Social Singapore


Philippe Starck Bedrooms for Hotel M Social Singapore

November 1, 2016

M Social Singapore is an avant-garde laboratory created by renowned French creator Philippe Starck. Check out the incredible bedrooms made for the hotel.

Since 9 June 2016, a new and vibrant lifestyle design hotel developed by Philippe Starck premiered in Singapore. M Social Singapore has 293 rooms and thrives on an interplay of friendship, community, and new experiences. It is built on the democratic premise of giving the very best while being affordable to plenty of people, particularly those with a millennial mindset.

M Social Singapore

Guided by these principles, Starck conceptualised the project as an avant-garde laboratory in the ever-evolving neighbourhood of Robertson Quay. Starck disclosed that:

“M Social is where all the elements of the world – including creativity, humour and love – come together in an explosion of energy to create the joy of today’s and tomorrow’s world. To me, it is a stage dedicated to creative people.”

Let’s take a look inside:

The Bedrooms

In the guest rooms tucked across 10 floors are four different tiers available for selection: The Nice Room, The Nicer Room, The Big Room and The Bigger Room.

Philippe Starck Bedrooms 8

Philippe Starck Bedrooms 2

Philippe Starck Bedrooms 4

Philippe Starck Bedrooms 5

The rooms are conceived to offer comfortable and timeless elegance to the modern and avant-garde millennium tribe – think about warm colour tones, luxurious pashmina throws and thick carpets ensconced within spaces that have a generous ceiling height of up to 5m. The versatility of the rooms naturally creates different spaces and provides the best possible service.

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Philippe Starck Bedrooms 3

Philippe Starck Bedrooms 6

M Social Singapore

Each accommodation has a different set of configurations. For instance, The Nicer Room has a terrace attached to it, while The Bigger Room is actually a duplex-style loft with a terrace.

“M Social will be the new and vibrant place in Singapore where elegance, creativity and technology meet to offer a unique experience to our global smart tribe.” – Philippe Starck

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