Meet Meshberg Group: an Award-winning Firm in Brooklyn

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Meshberg Group is an Award-winning, architecture and interior design firm that specializes in new construction and historic restoration. Based in Brooklyn, New York City, this is a team of experts conducted by founder, Adam Meshberg. CovetED is going to share the incredible conversation we had with the founder about the excellence of this creative design firm.


Meet Meshberg Group: an Award-winning Firm in Brooklyn

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Meet the Meshberg Group, which is an incredible architecture and interior design firm that has stood out with their Award-winning projects. Specialized in new construction and historic restoration, they are based in Brooklyn, New York City. Before its transformation into what it is today, the founded had his fair share of adversities. “When I first founded Meshberg Group, I had a small portfolio of projects under my belt so building rapport with larger potential clients took extra effort, while I worked on building credibility and scaling sustainably. My team at the time was also quite small and played multiple roles, when necessary, but I stayed determined and hustled to get more and more projects and eventually I did. We now work on projects ranging from three units to 500 units with a staff of nine people”. Fortunately, they had the ability to overcome those problems and succeed, becoming one of the top New York design firms.


Meet Meshberg Group: an Award-winning Firm in Brooklyn


Adam Meshberg prides himself to have achieved many of his aligned dreams, but as a “true entrepreneur, we’re never satisfied”. He’s constantly looking “for the next big project and the next problem to solve, while I seek to secure inspiring projects that fulfil my own and my team’s passions. I believe everyone needs to be inspired by their work”. Nevertheless, he dreams big and succeeds, hoping to design a “large public project, like a museum or a train station”. Of course that with the maximum dedication to each project, there’s a massive feeling of professional fulfilment, through the satisfaction of their clients. “It’s most gratifying for me when my clients feel good in the spaces we design and in return that my staff is proud of the work they do and enjoy it too. At Meshberg Group, we’re always developing innovative practices that push the design envelope”.




Meet Meshberg Group: an Award-winning Firm in Brooklyn


Everything that they accomplish, they are able to do it due to the “the satisfaction that comes with coming up with a concept then sketching a design on paper and seeing it come to life. Afterwards seeing people live in these designs and raising families or growing businesses. My favourite part is problem-solving for my clients by finding new and creative ways to repurpose a space with unexpected design elements. These lucky clients range from private owners, families, to developers. Every potential client looks for their recognizable modern industrial aesthetic look, attention to detail, creativity and the way we approach design. Private owners typically request Meshberg Group to design a townhouse, a home or an office space. Developers ask us to design developments consisting of luxury residences, rentals, mixed-use spaces and more”. Their approach and method are definitely what distinguishes them from all the other design firms.


Meet Meshberg Group: an Award-winning Firm in Brooklyn


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For the Meshberg Group, the relationship with their audience shares a massive role, being described as an important part of their business. They deeply care about their clients, and they “focus on the little details we know to make them happy. We have so many loyal clients who come back for the design of their next home and refer us to their friends and colleagues”. While they think that social media is a great and effective tool, they also believe in the power of word-of-mouth and human interaction. “At the end of the day, relationships and new business are best fostered in person. I enjoy attending conferences and speaking on panels—It’s a great way to engage a new audience and share intel on the current design trends and methods, while also communicating my passions”. Establishing personal relationships is an absolute focus for this company, in order to succeed in this industry.


Meet Meshberg Group: an Award-winning Firm in Brooklyn


Right now, Meshberg Group is focused on two massive projects, the Wynwood 25 and the 575 Fourth Avenue. The Wynwood 25 features a 289-unit mixed-use rental in Miami’s art district. “The first-of-its-kind in the area, this project represents the design style of my New York projects brought down to South Florida. I was inspired by the colourful neighbourhood and local artist influence in Wynwood that I wanted to blend the Brooklyn modern industrial vibe with Wynwood’s eclectic art scene to create the perfect balance of art and sophistication”. On 575 Fourth Avenue, it sits on the “70-unit mixed-use condo project is one of the newest and most sought after buildings in the area.  Inspired and influenced by the lifestyle of the Park Slope community, 575 Fourth Ave is designed for families and young professionals. The materials and the design of the units and amenities are clean, fresh and timeless.


Meet Meshberg Group: an Award-winning Firm in Brooklyn


Adam Meshberg firmly believes that the vintage elements are coming back, with a modern twist. “Everyone is loving lights with vintage roots re-worked with LEDs, wall panelling and tile floors that have patterns of the past and made with modern materials and scales”. These elements that are coming back, are done by amazing designers that are definitely “taking the lead in sourcing sustainability and locality. According to the founder “designers sourced all their products from Europe such as high-quality Italian cabinets and Italian tables. Now, we support local and source well-made products like tables and cabinets from our very own city, Brooklyn”.


Meet Meshberg Group: an Award-winning Firm in Brooklyn


Reserved for the future, Adam Meshberg really hopes that “the future for designers is more environmentally conscious. Staying sensitive to our natural surroundings and repurposing standing structures can alleviate or at least slow down some of the climate change and global warming effects that continue to rise. It’s more important than ever for designers to use and build more sustainable. At Meshberg Group, adaptive reuse design is one of our signature design approaches”. He asks for a more environmentally conscious interior design world, where it is also possible to achieve excellence.




Meet Meshberg Group: an Award-winning Firm in Brooklyn


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