Khadine Schultz: a Perfect Combo of Architecture and Interior Design


Khadine Schultz is an architect and interior designer, that shares a large amount of innovation, work ethic, and a keen eye for detail. With more than 10 years of experience, she considers herself a massive traveller, gaining inspiration every time, for the development of her knowledge of architecture and design. CovetED will be sharing with you this exclusive interview with a top American Designer.


Khadine Schultz a Perfect Combo of Architecture and Interior Design

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Presenting one of the most incredible Miami based interior designers, Khadine Schultz, a Brazilian Architect and Interior Designer whose innovation, work ethic, and a keen eye for detail have all earned her the reputation as an industry leader across Brazil, expanding in a worldwide level. She has gained this prestigious status due to her love of “being able to work closely with my clients. Each job brings a different style and unique vision to life and at the end, all of that hard work lets us to create backdrops to people’s life experiences, and that’s pretty meaningful”.


Khadine Schultz a Perfect Combo of Architecture and Interior Design


Establishing a close relationship with her clients, she’s able to faithfully display amazing settings within her projects, transforming it into something that’s stunning to gaze at. “When my clients are satisfied with my services and I see/feel this by their referrals to their family and friends”. Her loving projects and the fact that she’s able to completely satisfy her clients through her creations is the most fulfilling professional achievement that she has in this interior design world.


Khadine Schultz a Perfect Combo of Architecture and Interior Design


With a passion for the arts from an early age, she also took countless drawing and painting classes throughout grade school. Upon graduating high school, she pursued degrees in Fashion Design and Architecture and interned as an Architect at a prominent local firm in Brazil. Later she moved to Miami, Florida to work at another esteemed firm for several years before establishing her own interior design business, which was one of the most challenging times in her career. Although it was one of the most challenging times, the designer learned to love Miami. “When I first moved from Brazil to the US, I had to restart my life and business connections in a different country with no family and friends support, but obstacles are often a stepping stone and they’re designed to point the way to a new route, new possibilities, and new doorways. The city of Miami which I now call home has been very gracious to me and I love living here”.




With a timeless, curated and comfortable design identity style, Khadine Schultz shares a passion for architecture and all things design, where she infuses various cultures, places, and architectural styles she has seen into her interior design initiatives. Through her numerous projects, she inspires her work on design icons such as Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe and Eeron Saarinen. That inspiration focuses on “a timeless design that after 60 years still in and will continue been 20 years from now”. She perfectly balances her business and family life – “I still want to create a beautiful family and find a balancing time between business and family life”.


Khadine Schultz a Perfect Combo of Architecture and Interior Design


In that way, her incredible projects are displayed for every interior design lover, where their relationship is customized due to her ability to be “truly authentic“. With that bespoke relationship, her clients are largely broad – “My Clients range in age and profession, I have been fortunate to work with some Brazilian clients as well as the US, we have a great working relationship and sometimes become friends outside of work”. On her future in the design world, the designer is invested in “working hard on scaling my business while making more time with my family and friends”. You can perfectly see that her goal is focused on the balance of her prioritized things in life: family and her business.


Khadine Schultz a Perfect Combo of Architecture and Interior Design


When involved in collaborations, Khadine Schultz shares the credit with other artists, when there are many projects. When she’s displaying her own projects, all the built-in carpenter is designed by the interior designer. Every project is embellished with the hottest trends, and right now, she says that the right trend, for now, sits on the “sustainable building in reference to materials used, and re-used. It’s great to take the old and merge with the new to create a new harmony in the space”.


Khadine Schultz a Perfect Combo of Architecture and Interior Design


For Khadine Schultz, “there are too many great skilled craftsmen out there to name anyone specifically but I will say I’m fortunate to have a team around me that helps bring my visions to life in a wonderful way”. For her, that means great value to the team of experts that she works with every day. Also, for the interior designer, the future of the interior design sits on a “sustainable design/building that is going to grow every year the more we learn about our environment and how to enjoy it better and protect it as well for the future”. As wishful thought, she “would love for all forms of recycling from the job site to everyday use become more widespread”.


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