Juan Pablo Molyneux Is One of the Best Interior Designers In South America

Juan Pablo Molyneux Is One of the Best Interior Designers In South America

August 8, 2019


Juan Pablo Molyneux is considered one of the best interior designers of South America! Molyneux is a committed classicist that created spirited interiors rooted in history without being historical recreations. Since the  United States and France are two countries close to his heart, Molyneux maintains offices in both of them. Juan Pablo Molyneux work is bold, eclectic, witty and unmistakably. After studying architecture at the Universidad Católica of Santiago, Molyneux attended the Ecole des Beaux-Arts and the Ecole du Louvre. With a professional path filled with incredible master artworks, the interior designer dreams to rebuild the Palace of the Tuileries in Paris that was demolished in 1870! CovetED brings you an exclusive interview, so keep on reading to find out more about the incredible designer!


Juan Pablo Molyneux Is One of the Best Interior Designers In South America


“My real interest lies in something more timeless. I am deeply convinced that quality and excellence are far more important than these artificial and rather sterile arguments. Any quality product has an inherent capacity to stand out from the crowd, and so, by extension has no need for fashion.”


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It was in the inspiring works of French architects Louis Le Vau, Ange-Jacques Gabriel, and Claude-Nicolas Ledoux that Juan Pablo Molyneux first acquired his knowledge and passion of historical styles. According to the interior designer, this unique design “allows a permanent cultural enrichment and a constantly renewed openness to influences. One day, you work on neoclassical Russia, the next day on Mogul India and the day after on Palladian villas.”


Juan Pablo Molyneux Is One of the Best Interior Designers In South America


Juan Pablo Molyneux established the New York studio in the early 1980s and the one in Paris in the late 1990s, which is one of the designer favourite cities. “In my offices, this perpetual movement of the spirit inspires us all to creativity and inventiveness. Enjoying what you are doing is one of the secrets of a successful project”, explained the interior designer.

Working on several countries, Juan Pablo Molyneux has created private residences in South America, the United States, Canada, Europe, Russia, and the Middle East. “My work is not only big in spirit and ambition, but it also relies on excellence to get there I consider that I work with the best craftsmen in the world who put their unique know-how at the service of my creativity.” His distinguished design projects include some master artworks like the Pavilion of Treaties, in St. Petersburg, the Russian Rooms of the Palais des Nations, in Geneva, both for the Russian Federation, and the salons of the Cercle de l’ Union Interalliée in Paris.


Juan Pablo Molyneux Is One of the Best Interior Designers In South America


From their incredible range of projects, Juan Pablo Molyneux considers his work for palatial residence in Canada, one of the most challenging projects of his career, because the client was very refined and knowledgeable about late 18th-century Russian architecture, which was an inspiration for the project.




“This venture to build an 18th century Russian Palace in the 21st century was a real challenge. However, I have only the fondest memories of it. The years spent working on this 3,000-square meter project were a great pleasure. Because of his vision and his background, the client challenged me intellectually and professionally. This began with our first meeting when he quizzed my knowledge and aesthetics in a way that was more like an oral examination of a doctoral candidate, than a typical business meeting!”


Juan Pablo Molyneux Is One of the Best Interior Designers In South America


Specialized in high-end residential designs, Juan Pablo Molyneux also creates inspiring institutional projects always inspired by the history behind the building. His name is associated with major renovation and constructions projects in 3 European capitals: Vienna, London, and Moscow.

The goal of these 3 inspiring projects was to create the most luxury design residences in Europe. “In Vienna (Austria), it is the Schottenring Palace, a historical building, which is in the process of being converted in the highest standard apartments according to my design plans. I collaborate in prestigious constructions operations in Mayfair, in London, and in Moscow in Malaya Bronnaya.


Juan Pablo Molyneux Is One of the Best Interior Designers In South America


Being a craftsmanship lover, Juan Pablo Molyneux works with the best master artisans in the industry from across the world. “I look for best in their respective fields, whatever their country of origin. Often, these artisans collaborate in major restoration projects of the most important historical monuments of the world. Many are French but also Italian, Russian, English… Excellence has no borders”, highlighted the interior designer.


Juan Pablo Molyneux Is One of the Best Interior Designers In South America


In the field of decoration, we collaborate with clients in a way that is not purely driven by financial concerns but is artistic and creative. A relationship of trust is often established, and it is this trust that can lead to the most successful collaborations. I like to explain to my clients the craftsmanship behind all that I offer them.


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“Haute décoration is a universe that some customers haven’t yet encountered. I help them to decipher the codes of its language and make them discover, above all, the world of excellence and the exceptional, that which is no longer customary in common life. I open the doors of the best craftsmen in the world who will make for the stunning marble floors, lacquer paneling, hand-carved woodwork, and unimaginably exquisite decorations.”


Juan Pablo Molyneux Is One of the Best Interior Designers In South America


Currently,  Juan Pablo Molyneux is working on the renovation project of one of Georgias landmarks, called Château Mukhrani. Surrounded by a beautiful wine vineyard view, this is an ancient royal residence that was famous at the end of the 19th century thanks to its worldwide recognized wine! “I create custom made bespoke furniture and objects for my clients. When it comes to a series it is always limited a limited edition.

Being so close to the world of high-fashion and luxury design,  Juan Pablo Molyneux follows all of the best concepts which the industry calls “trends”, which is nothing more, nothing less than the perfect opportunity to sell new concepts. “What I do find tiresome is when, in the name of the latest fashion, the end of tradition is proclaimed yet again and everyone praises the new trends, presenting them as the true future of interior design.”



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