Enter inside Edita’s Apartment decorated by Ivy’s Design!

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Ivy’s Design is the project created by Ivana Bukvic, who is known for her way of following in five main keywords: community, quality, art, nature, and colour. There’s a certain sweetness about her projects that really shows the unique creativity of this Berlin designer. CovetED will be showing you one of her most notorious interior design projects: the take she gave on to Edita Šimić’s home.


Enter inside Edita's Apartment decorated by Ivy's Design!

All photo credits belong to Ivy’s Design


For those unfamiliar with worldwide famous bloggers, Edita Šimić is a woman known for being the creator and editor of the food blog Kuživancija from Croatia. Being a close friend of Ivana from Ivy’s Design, when the time came for a new kitchen, she asked her dear friend for a little assistance. The project ended up turning into a collective interior design project.


Enter inside Edita's Apartment decorated by Ivy's Design!


The best way to define the styling of this project has to do with the fact that it’s a very Mid-Century/Industrial styled one. The blogger wanted to centre the design of the whole kitchen around kitchen cabinets which were made out of wrought iron. The effect first applied in here would be reflected upon the rest of the house.


Enter inside Edita's Apartment decorated by Ivy's Design!




Ivy’s Design took advantage of the fact that this was a place located in the fancy Mitte neighbourhood. The home has the advantage of letting in a lot of natural light. So the pair decided to turn the home into a closed terrace, filled with natural materials, earthy tones, and complete with the plants as natural decor elements.


Enter inside Edita's Apartment decorated by Ivy's Design!


The lavender kitchen and the steel cabinets ended up being the most imposing attraction of the apartment. Ivy’s Design also summoned the help of a Croatian Academic painter, Damir Mumbasic, who gave a lovely touch to the wall, making it a visual wonder to glance upon, as well as what a true lifestyle blogger’s dream home looks like.


Despite the fact that Ivy’s Design has a small team, they are able to tackle many challenges, mainly private kitchen areas and also 7 000 sq meter coworking franchises. Their chic and classy style aims to create projects that are not only inspired by the client, but also for the client.


Enter inside Edita's Apartment decorated by Ivy's Design!



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