Discover What Inspires Sybille de Margerie in An Exclusive Interview

Discover What Inspires Sybille de Margerie in An Exclusive Interview

September 30, 2017

Understood as an area of expertise and luxury, Design is a culmination of various movements of expression and knowledge. A worldwide craft that has created a gathering of professionals and enthusiasts alike that only keeps on growing. By virtue of such, discover the wonderful working essence and ideologies of the renowned design group, SM Design which is guided by founder, Sybille de Margerie.

Sybille de Margerie, septembre 2015.

Sybille de Margerie best describes her design philosophy as a trinity of luxury, emotion and colours. The French designer always keeps an open-mind and a sense of curiosity alert when it comes to designing. SM Design’s main objective lies in creating unique and bespoke projects. To the designer, paying attention to detail and a timeless design are two of the major components of conceiving a luxurious setting without ever compromising the idea of comfort.

Discover What Inspires Sybille de Margerie in an Exclusive Interview 2

“I think that to do well, the project and our business is to stay curious and open-minded to what is around. So I mean every time you travel, you know we have to travel, we have to visit, and we have to get our eyes open, because curiosity is the base of creativity, especially that things are going fast, that evolution is going very fast, so you’ve always to be updated in the expectation of people that is changing a lot every day.”

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Although Margerie has a master degree in law, her passion was always to be an interior designer, nonetheless, it came quite at hand since design is an area that on occasion focuses on business and investments worldwide. Her vocation for design started due to the fact that her family owned a chain of luxury hotels, as she disclosed, “It’s a part of my DNA and my expertise, I know naturally what luxury is, and so I think it has helped a lot in my career.”

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Sybille’s keenness to working with spaces is one of her most alluring qualities. She believes that this aspect is the core of an interior designer’s work: to develop an original space and to provide an exclusive and different design each time that conveys emotion, luxury and comfort. In concordance with a certain context or setting, the French designer often plays with different textures and colours in her designs. Even though Sybille de Margerie is the driving force of the studio that controls every step of the way, she is tremendously receptive concerning her team’s ideas and input. Frequently, SM Design has an exclusive team for the creation part and other for development, this is a key strategy that shows off their accomplishments and efficiency.

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Sybille de Margerie cites her favourite projects to be Cheval Blanc located in Courchevel as well as the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Paris. The Designer simply esteems the idea of working on challenging and complex projects which are as rewarding to the general public as to all of those involved in the production and development of each design.

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SM Design has recently launched a collection of furniture pieces, including dining table, coffee tables, console tables, lighting pieces at Paris DECO OFF 2017. Combining various materials, such as glass, marble and wood with metal finishes, this new collection is rather singular than standard exhibitions, having its own flair of luxury textures. The talented group added furnishings to their projects as a way to provide even more exclusive interiors while also employing pieces from other accomplished designers and suppliers. Sybille de Margerie disclosed that the studio works with several designers, including the likes of Hervé van der Straeten and Jean-Luc Monet.

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In regards to interior design serving as an improvement tool in people’s lives, Sybille disclosed that, “What we provide is professional work so we are professional first, and this seems ridiculous to say that but this is what people expect when they go and sign with you, that you provide, that you have an expertise and that you are going to share this expertise. So this is key because I think the success of a place is not only a nice design, it works, it is functional, it is timeless, it is comfortable, you have inserted technology in a way that it is easy to use.” She also believes that interior designers don’t function as specialists but rather experts on a certain matter, to create something functional and efficient that is both creative and emotive, therefore, satisfying the client’s needs.

Furthermore, the designer draws inspiration in everything, from nature to museums, to artists, painters, architects, basically anything that reaches a level of impressiveness and emotionality, and something that is inimitable and knows no limitations. Lastly, Margerie recommends young designers to be strong and passionate about what they do, to be curious and creative, it is not only a matter of talent, one must have that willingness to triumph, to work internationally, to travel, to be adventurous. In the end, it is all of these components that lead to success. Out of curiosity, SM Design often works with interns which sometimes gives the opportunity to discover raw and ambitious talent.

Images selected are from the Royal Atantlis Dubai, credit to Yann Terrer

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