CovetED’s Exclusive Interview with Piero Lissoni

CovetED’s Exclusive Interview with Piero Lissoni

May 1, 2019

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Piero Lissoni has designed products & exhibition stands for many prestigious companies including Alessi, Audi, B&B Italia, Knoll International, and others. His architecture and design work is recognized worldwide and has earned him a series of international awards. CovetED interviewed Piero Lissoni in Milan during Salone Del Mobile, keep reading.


CovetED’s Exclusive Interview with Piero Lissoni



Lissoni is a very versatile professional, with his portfolio stretching across architecture, furniture, interiors and even graphic design. According to the designer, “it’s a tradition in Milan to be versatile”. This is also a result of his education at the Politecnico di Milano, where he was taught to take on everything.


BRABBU upholstery Malay chair


CovetED’s Exclusive Interview with Piero Lissoni



The designer has a very simplistic approach to his career, living day by day. Always eager of the discovery of something new, Lissoni doesn’t disclose any new expectations for the future. “I never expect to do something. I’m very lucky but I also work a lot. You need to be a worker, that’s the secret. And you need a bit of luck”, he says. During his creative process, the designer prefers to be completely inside of it, meaning it is a long discussion with a team of workers, that sometimes takes years to complete.


Piero Lissoni X Knoll


Regarding his collaboration with Knoll, they have been working together for over 15 years, so it has become some kind of “love affair”, as the designer described it. Lissoni has been in love with the company since the beginning, so it has remained a positive and thriving relationship.


CovetED’s Exclusive Interview with Piero Lissoni

Lissoni’s Saké Collection


“For me, it is impossible to do anything if I don’t like people. I need people, I don’t need a name or a brand. It’s all about the people.”


CovetED’s Exclusive Interview with Piero Lissoni

Contemporary bedside table / MDF / rectangular / by Piero Lissoni


When it comes to the future of craftsmanship, the designer states that it will be a combination of incredible craftsmen and amazing technology, considering that’s the secret of the Italian life of design. Lissoni thinks that the fundamental thing for the designers of tomorrow is the respect of traditions and their cultures, adding that they must know their history in order to improve it.


CovetED’s Exclusive Interview with Piero Lissoni



“You need to offer a long life to your products because that’s the best way of saving resources. We need to be more responsible, purer and cleaner.”  



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