A look at the Unique Interiors of Dom-A Casa Ricca

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Dom-A Casa Ricca is the project created by the design competences of both Maria Silver and Sergey Makushev. The Russian design studio is notable in its own country for being able to keep up with the modern trends of interior design. CovetED will be showing you a little about their style by showing you some of their best interior design projects as examples.


A look at the Unique Interiors of Dom-A Casa Ricca

All photo credits belong to Dom-A Casa Ricca


The variety of projects that Dom-A Casa Ricca takes on throughout the years is remarkable. Maria Silver has learned a big deal in regards to her experience since creating the firm. One of the most valuable lessons she definitely takes from her experience has to do with the fact that, to her, the concept of inspiration is an absolutely spontaneous thing. As she stated in the interview she’s given to us, to this day she felt that there wasn’t any specific inspiration driving her design passion.


A look at the Unique Interiors of Dom-A Casa Ricca


Not to mention that Dom-A Casa Ricca has the type of service that allows the clients to meet with the designers, suppliers and factories without any type of interference from intermediaries. The main goal of this is to promote an open interaction where the goals on the end of the client and the designers/suppliers are set to be clear. The company also has its own team of Interior Designers with whom they’ve been working with as far as 1996 throughout Russia and Europe.


A look at the Unique Interiors of Dom-A Casa Ricca



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When it comes to the type of style that we can see in many of Dom-A Casa Ricca‘s projects, we can definitely see that they value the concept of simplification. To them, this is a concept that is becoming a strong trend within many homes regardless of the financial conditions of the owners. A neutral colour scheme is also a strong presence on many of the projects we’ve spotted in their portfolio, sometimes adding in a couple of strong colours in smaller elements such as the furnishings or the decor accessories.


A look at the Unique Interiors of Dom-A Casa Ricca


However, despite the minimalism that they make sure to add to their projects, they are also the type of company that values the quality of the composing furniture in a project. With this, we can definitely tell that Dom-A Casa Ricca tends to give preference to the old arts in their projects. This is also influenced by the types of brands with which the firm as partnerships, such as Visionaire, Roberto Cavalli, Preciosa, Covet House Molteini&C, Cipriani, among many more.


A look at the Unique Interiors of Dom-A Casa Ricca



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