A Farewell to Zaha Hadid with Ultrastellar Collection

Zaha Hadid

A Farewell to Zaha Hadid with Ultrastellar Collection

October 17, 2016

Even afterlife, Zaha Hadid is still breaking barriers in the world of design with the assistance of her architects and partner, Patrik Schumacher. However, Ultrastellar will be the last cluster of pieces created by the visionary designer, a mid-century based furniture collection that was made exclusively for David Gill Gallery, a very close friend of Hadid. It may be a farewell, but Zaha’s spirit will always shine through her organic, ambiguous, and timeless designs.

Zaha Hadid

The pieces within the collection were made of walnut and leather. The partners were heavily influenced by materials used in the 50s and 60s while creating this sensational artwork.  Asserted by multiple techniques and textures, the designs feature Hadid’s well-known fluidity in forms and lines.

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According to Schumacher, “The idea of making the holes in the tables is to make a certain sense of lightness, to have more visual connection with the structure of the legs when you sit down”. This walnut table is composed of four parts, and each one has a undulated and wide ripple.



Hadid was able to create robust pieces that almost seem weightless. This phenomenally timber made table presents a round shape and a glass-eye at its centre. The dining room table is the largest piece of Ultrastellar and it is quite the irregular and ambitious design.

Other pieces of the collection:


Entitled the Lisse Chandelier, this winged attraction is made of metal and crystal that interconnect in the middle.


This peculiar design with a twisted shape can seat multiple people together and is conceived as the “love seat”. 


Hadid collaborated with Gill many times before, one of the latest works was the Liquid Glacial collection. Above we can see a piece that was exhibit there, a marvelous silver bowl.


These dining chairs defined by mid-century characteristics, present arched armrests and tapered legs. It is made of leather.


Much like the other chair, a group of four can seat, altogether, in this contorted and leathery piece.

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The exhibition will be open all through 29 October. So if you are an avid fan of this organic designer, and by any chance are in London, you have to visit the Ultrastellar collection. Do not waste this opportunity to say farewell to one of the greatest architects and designs that this world has ever produce. Zaha Hadid’s legacy is immeasurable and will live on forever.