UXUS Design: stylish solutions


UXUS Design: stylish solutions

May 27, 2015

Covet Edition magazine would like to tell its readers about a leading global creative agency specializing in consumer experience, retail and hospitality design. It is called UXUS Design.

UXUS produces emotional and intelligent design exemplifying the principles of Brand Poetry, balancing creative excellence, with commercial success.


Their expertise includes: Spatial Branding, Architecture, Graphic Design, Retail Design, Hospitality Design Digital.

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Among their clients, there are:Donna Karan, Bloomingdales, Selfridges, John Lewis, Sephora, Fast Retailing, Tate Modern, P&G, Absolut, Heineken, McDonald’s, HMS Host, Intercontinental Hotels Group and many other valued clients. In 2013, UXUS became part of the FutureBrand group, which is a leading brand consultancy network with over 25 offices worldwide.


There are two principals of Uxus Design- George Anthony Gottl (Chief executive officer) and Oliver John Palmer Michell (Chief executive officer and architect).

Some of the projects from Uxus Design

Leading French hotel chain, Campanile, invited UXUS to design a new restaurant concept catering to business professionals and travellers. The restaurant is part of the Campanile hotel experience and will be launched across all Campanile properties, with pilot locations in the Paris region.





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UXUS and Skagen launch a pop-up experience at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Tokyo, complementing a six-week residency of iconic Danish restaurant Noma. The pop-up follows UXUS’ redesign of the Skagen global retail platform including flagship stores in London and New York.



UXUS was commissioned to create a new women’s wear retail platform for Jaeger. The goal was to re-establish Jaeger as the premium British clothing brand by creating a signature in-store experience that expresses the Jaeger brand values and communicates its heritage in new and exciting ways.



What does design philosophy of Uxus consist in?

The aim of UXUS Design is to create artistic solutions for commercial needs: artistic solutions target emotions,  emotions connect people in a meaningful way. Moreover, UXUS fuses art and design creating new brand experiences that are strategic and quantifiable. In other words, they fuse rational design solutions with artistic sensibilities, striking a perfect balance between emotional connection and tangible results.Covet-edition-UXUS-Design-stylish-solutions-Images

The team of Uxus consider their work to look like “brand poetry”, where emotive experiences attract more people to them, and engage them longer. In their opinion, design gives function, art gives meaning, poetry expresses the essence.

Covet-edition-UXUS-Design-stylish-solutions-Ella Dining Room-Bar

All in all, we may say that UXUS crafts brand experiences that people fall in love with. Have you liked Uxus Design? Tell us what you think about Studio Annetta and Uxus Design.

Source – Uxus Design