Interior Design Trends: How To Have The Most Coveted Closet

Interior Design Trends: How To Have The Most Coveted Closet

October 1, 2019

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Today, we bring you more Interior Design Trends! The inspiration of the day will rely on a women’s most wanted room in a house: the closet (or dressing room, as some may also call it). CovetED Magazine will show a complete mood board to show you the colours, selected products by top interior design luxury brands and how to combine them to have the closet of your dreams. Are you ready to fall in love again?

Interior Design Trends How To Have The Most Coveted Closet


The colours, patterns and shades that you are about to see recall the Mid-century modern style which is always trendy.


The chandelier: Cannonball by DelightFULL

Cannonball light pendant is the perfect explosion of luxury. Inspired by the boldness of a cannonball, this pendant lamp came to reinvent what mid-century modern design is. With its unique shape, this exquisite lamp is handmade in brass and features a gold-plated finish, proof of some of the most high-quality craftsmanship in the lighting design world. Cannonball is a modern brass pendant lamp which will give an elegant and sophisticated touch to your closet or a mid-century modern living room.

Interior Design Trends How To Have The Most Coveted Closet


The wall lamps: Piazzola by DelightFULL

Piazzolla wall fixture is a pure 60’s stilnovo style that brings a retro touch to contemporary spaces. Featuring two aluminum cones, this wall light fixture offers light both from top and bottom lamp shades to provide a subtle glow. With a dynamic and versatile look that can be applied to any setting, Piazzolla wall lamp can be mounted horizontally or vertically. Its structure is made in brass with a nickel plated finish, while one of the lamp shades has a brushed nickel finish and the other has a matte black finish. The interior finishing of the shades is matte white. However, custom made versions can be done upon request, allowing you to customize the two lamp shades as you desire. With double cone swiveling pinhole lights, Piazzolla wall light is the perfect lamp for your mid-century modern officeretro living room or dressing room.

Interior Design Trends How To Have The Most Coveted Closet


The wall mirror: Diamond Big Ring by Essential Home

A full length version of the diamond shaped mirror. Crafted in a polished brass structure it produces a tall sleek design, merging geometry and design in the same object.

Interior Design Trends How To Have The Most Coveted Closet 2


 The rug: Bauhau by Rug’Society

Based on the language of the German avant-garde movement – Bauhaus , was one of the greatest and most important expressions of what is called Modernism in design and architecture.
A journey through the history of the Bauhaus is style, modernity and ideology, which can be in your living room or closet…


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The dessing table: Monocles by Essential Home

A striking addition to your glamorous boudoir, dressing room or closet.


The armchair: Monroe by Essential Home

An enchanting piece fit for glamorous interiors with a velvet touch that make it even more luxurious than its design entails.


The stool: Koi by Brabbu

KOI carp is a recurring symbol of Japanese culture. Its natural colour mutations reveal their capacity to adapt, just like KOI Stool. Featuring a base in brushed aged brass and a top in cotton velvet, this upholstered stool will add refined elegance to any living room set.


After all these interior design trends and tips for your dressing room or closet, I believe you are ready to renovate your own. Enjoy your new space full of colour and good vibes!


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