Interior Design Trends: How To Have The Most Coveted Closet Part II

Interior Design Trends: How To Have The Most Coveted Closet Part II

October 2, 2019

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Some may say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. But I think many women have a strong belief that a closet is also a girl’s best friend. A woman’s dressing room (or a man’s dressing room, since men also like to have their clothes impeccably organized) may be the most sacred place in her home. So it is very important to consider the interior design for this home division. It’s not only about its functionality. It is also about interior decor, colours, fabrics, patterns and comfort.

Bearing that all in mind, CovetED selected an inspiring mood board with the most coveted pieces of furniture that will make a simple dressing room your dream’s closet.

Interior Design Trends: How To Have The Most Coveted Closet Part II


The mirror: Kumi by Brabbu

With origins in Japan, Kumi is an oyster with undeniable beauty. KUMI MIRROR pays tribute to its allure
through its glossy hammered aged brass. This decorative wall mirror is a treasure coveted by many.


The suspension lamp: Soleil by Brabbu

In an attempt to reinterpret the sun in a contemporary lighting piece, our designers conceived SOLEIL Suspension Light. With a structure in hammered brass, this chandelier will expand all over any room like sunlight rays. Discreet yet remarkable, SOLEIL will bring warm light to modern home decor.


The pillows by Brabbu


The rug: ISAAC by Rug’Society

A triumph of geometry and colours, which combines rounded, square and vertical lines. An unusual combination of colors makes it provocative and, at the same time, impossible to not observe the surprising harmony of the whole.


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The sofa: Sherman by Essential Home

Sherman is a homage to the mid-century sofas, a touch of modernity, style and the same high-quality materials and craftsmanship that are bound to make this a bestseller. Comfort is behind the entire design of Sherman but sophistication is the keyword when taking one look at this mid-century piece. Mid-century is the timeless trend to have in your home and this sofa brings it to you with polished brass and incredible velvet, delivering a journey through time straight to your home.


The stool: Florence by Essential Home

A low stool both fun and practical, and a soft and comfortable solution for your living room or closet.


With all these amazing interior design trends, I’m sure you will get the closet of your dreams. Keep following CovetED because we have a lot more to show you!


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