How To Choose The Perfect Contemporary Rug

How To Choose The Perfect Contemporary Rug

November 6, 2019

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You can’t say a room is fully decorated when at least one rug is missing. And that applies to any home division, from the bedroom to the bathroom. A rug is essential to make the room warmer, cozier and to add extra comfort to a room. It is also a good accessory for you to play with colours, patterns and shapes. There is an endless list of options when it comes to choose the perfect rug. For that reason, CovetED Magazine will help you choose the perfect contemporary rug. Be inspired by the following suggestions.


The right rug can complement any room, making it look cozier. With the right rug, you will be adding an element of luxury, sophistication and elegance.


How To Choose The Perfect Contemporary Rug 1

Mira Rug from Rug’Society



Round Rugs

A round rug gives movement and life to a space because it doesn’t create limits. Round rugs are also ideal for smaller areas.

Mira Rug from Rug'Society 1

Lola Rug from Rug’Society


Lounge Rugs

Either in a residential or contract project, lounge rugs are a perfect option. It will make your room larger and even add a touch of coziness.


Mira Rug from Rug'Society 2

Kleopatra Rug from Rug’Society


Lounge rugs can take most of your floor space and will surely become a contemporary accent for the whole interior.


Luxury Tapestry


Patterned Rugs

A designed rug embodies culture and sophistication. Perfect for a chic home decor.


Mira Rug from Rug'Society 3

Simba Geometric Collection from Rug’Society


Neutral Rugs

Neutral rugs are perfect for any season of the year. Those kind of rugs have the power to transform any space in calm atmosphere.

Mira Rug from Rug'Society 4Mira Rug from Rug'Society 4

Dêco Rug from Rug’Society



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