Top 10 Contemporary Rugs

Rugs are essential when it comes to home decor. If you want to achieve a completely contemporary style, a rug of the same fashion will do the truck. Today, we decided to make a selection of 10 contemporary rugs to spruce up your home decor. Note that a rug has unlimited ways to be used, so don’t be afraid to be bold. Let’s take a look at a few examples

An area rug is an essential accent for any living room, bedroom or dining room. Contemporary rugs can help define the theme and colour palette of a room, protect floors and absorb the noise of day to day life. Be sure to make considerations on rug size (the most common is 5 x 8), material, and most importantly, design. When choosing a contemporary rug, look for bold patterns like chevron or stripes, as well as abstract designs that make a statement. These are top 10 contemporary rugs.


The lines between classic elegant and contemporary designs are often blurred in regard to colour and pattern.


Graphic black and white area rug makes a bold statement.


The chevron pattern is made up the consecutive V pattern, and actually, has origins in military uniforms. And this a beautiful contemporary rug!


Kara Rug designed by Brabbu is a plush oval rug that introduced soft elements to the glossy space, and the stripes of varying hues on the rug add a few round lines to the room’s major curves.


Contemporary and cosy are not mutually exclusive. This contemporary rug is an example of that.


When introduced into a traditional or rustic setting, contemporary rugs can add vibrancy, a touch of the unexpected and a striking counterpoint.


The Spielberg by Essential Home rug is a masterpiece of duelling sides. In accordance with the chameleon director whose work inspired this handmade rug, it is really a blue degrade masterpiece.

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In the bedroom, your rugs keep your feet warm in the morning and the evening.


Another phenomenal bedroom rug that resembles the stripes of a zebra.


A contemporary rug embellishes any room and adds a personal touch to every interior.

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