The impressive Projects of Wonderwall Design

Do you remember we were already talking about Studio Annetta a couple of times? This time you are lucky to find out more about Wonderwall Design. Covet Edition has compiled useful information about this specific design brand.


Wonderwall is an interior design firm established by Masamichi Katayama based in Tokyo, Japan. Their portfolio is full of impressive work, but what struck me is the interesting organic flow and movement in the presentation of their work. Besides, they focus on commercial, retail, restaurant and bar spaces, as well as office showrooms and building complexes which are distinct in their design while remaining attentive to function.


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They are known for its unconstrained approach in actualizing design concepts while respecting conventional and traditional design philosophies.  The strength of Wonderwall lies in the ability to conceptualize distinctive environments that enhances the vision and branding clients aspire. Furthermore, they aim to create environment that would touch the subconscious of the consumer and occupant.


Since the firm began its career in interior design, it has broadened its practice to Creative Direction, Architectural Design Direction and Project Development Consulting. While the firm is based in Tokyo, projects have taken them to Europe, the U.S., Australia and other parts of Asia.


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We would like to tell you about IMAGINEERING OKAYAMA ART PROJECT. This event was designed to experience art while traveling around the city of Okayama, through various conceptual art pieces that were exhibited in multiple settings between Okayama Station and Okayama Castle. The project brought art, city, and its people closer together, presenting Okayama and its charm in a natural way.


One more interesting projects is called UNIQLO KICHIJOJI.
Opened in Tokyo’s popular neighborhood of Kichijoji, this store is designed to connect closely to the local community. The entrance has an open feel, with an escalator that entices the customers to the above floor, creating a space where local customers can enjoy shopping as part of their daily lives. The design incorporates various elements that enable this store to be deeply rooted into the neighborhood.


Masamichi Katayama Projects
Covet Edition also wants to present the second monograph by Japanese interior designer Masamichi Katayama’s agency Wonderwall.As you know, the internationally renowned interior and retail designer is synonymous with exquisite quality and applies his distinctive trademark showmanship to create visionary retail environments.


Recently, Wonderwall’s new short film has been released. The video features scenes from the office and projects of Wonderwall. We are delightful to provide it for your better understanding the style of Wonderwall.covet-edition-The-impressive-Projects-of-Wonderwall-Design-store

To conclude, Coveted magazine considers the name of this interior design firm to be absolutely right, as we may find wonderful features of design in any design projects of Wonderwall.

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