The Coolest Bedroom Designs Around the World

When it comes to bedroom designs there is a countless number of alternatives that range among many preferences, from refreshing to peculiar, but it is rather difficult to be considered one of most alluring master bedrooms designs in the world. So to make things interesting, Coveted will display a selection of the coolest bedroom designs spread around the world. I am going out on a limb here, and say that you will absolutely find your dream room in the midst of this creativity.


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If you gem well with bright colours, you should definitely stay in the Panic Room at the Au Vieux Pannier Hotel in Marseille. Designed by Tilt, this rooms is split down the middle with one side being embedded in bright graffitis whereas the other is kept stark white.


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For a peculiar vacation, visit the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Resort as its splendour is quite exciting. The room serves as a popular underwater dining room, however, on special occasions, the resort often transforms it into a private suite, conceding it a magical look.


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The following bedroom design takes residence in Sweden at the ICEHOTEL, the world’s first and largest ice hotel.


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Now, if you would prefer a more nature related sanctuary or a spiritual retreat, you should absolutely visit the Free Spirit Tree Spheres which is situated on the west coast rainforest of British Columbia. Just look at the amazingness of that hanging sphere that displays a divine interior, and most importantly, it was designed without altering any elements of the forest.

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This bedroom design located is Jade Mountain is one of the most aesthetically present creations in interior design. Architecturally speaking, the Luxury Resort is unparalleled to any other. Also, a part of the room is the infinity pool that gives an excellent panoramic view of the Caribbean Sea and Piton mountains.


This bedroom displays a futuristic vibe through the representation of monochrome schemes and simple furniture.


Source: Sami Design Sight

The extravagant Karl Lagerfeld joined creative forces with chocolatier Patrick Roger to create this fabulous chocolate hotel suite.


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Characterised by being the deepest hotel room in the whole wide world, The Sala Silvergruva, otherwise known as silver mine, located in Sweeden is one of the most preserved mine settings.

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