The Best Design Projects of Zeff Design

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The Best Design Projects of Zeff Design

June 3, 2015

The turn of inspiring the readers of Coveted has fallen on Mark Zeff. What do we know about this designer? The founder and president of MARKZEFF approaches each project, from luxury yachts to the development of global brands to revolutionary hospitality ventures, with a holistic design methodology that embodies its natural fusion philosophy.


Mark began his career in the United States in residential design, creating homes for clients including Hilary Swank, Annie Leibovitz and Gabriel Bryne among others. The strength and range of the firm’s residential projects laid the groundwork for its expansion into commercial design and branding. With innovation as its bedrock, Mark Zeff delivers cutting edge design with an eye for elegance and style. Moreover, Zeff believes the attention to detail given to its private residential clients is essential to its success and is a characteristic the firm has maintained throughout its evolution.


The Commoner

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Hotel Ban Zandt

Based in New York City, MARKZEFF is an international, full-service design-consulting firm. Following its philosophy of natural fusion, MARKZEFF blends interior and environmental design with brand development to create experiences that inspire and stimulate the senses.

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Would you like to know about the best design projects from Zeff Design?

The firm has been involved with a number of mixed-use development and master planning projects including the recently announced project with Hilton Worldwide, for their latest global hotel brand, Canopy. This is the first boutique hotel for the hospitality giant.

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Hard Rock Hotel

MARKZEFF is also involved in the creation of a new brand for Camden Living; a multi-use development company located in Houston called The Camden. This will be a collaborative project with SBE to develop a rental property with hotel quality amenities. The first property will be located in downtown Los Angeles and is set to open in 2015. The design firm has recently completed a luxury condominium development and sales office for 500 W 21st Street with Sherwood Realty. Within six weeks of the opening of the sales office the property was sold out. Another real estate project in process for MARKZEFF is the design of two large rental properties developed by Lightstone Realty in Brooklyn, which are scheduled to complete in 2015 and 2016.


Gantry Park Landing


Today, MARKZEFF is developing its own resort hotel brand called Aquila and is teaming up with renowned chef John Doherty on a restaurant project in Manhattan.

All these projects seamless bring together brand development and interior design to create and deliver cohesive and innovative rental products for a fresh, new demographic.


Delphine Eatery&Bar

At the same time MARKZEFF is an award wining firm whose many accolades include: The Hospitality Design Award for Best Hotel/Day Spa, Gold Key Award for Excellence in Hospitality Design, Best of The Year by Interior Design, How International Design Award for Environmental Graphics, and Print magazine’s Design Annual Award and Creativity + Commerce.

There is no wonder that Studio Annetta included Mark Zeff in the list of inspirational designers. He’s done hotels, restaurants, and stores all over the world, not to mention a New York apartment for Hilary Swank. Covet Edition Magazine is eager to know your point of view concerning these design projects of Zeff Design.