Thai Food Revolution at Le Du Restaurant

Nowadays we would like to represent an amazing restaurant in Bangkok.  Le Du is located in the downtown area. It is set in a cozy street, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. In this atmosphere you feel as if suddenly you had gone out of the big city to experience a quiet and relaxed atmosphere.

Thai Food Revolution at Le Du Restaurant
The restaurant itself is a small and intimate house, where pop music in a jazz version, softened by the dim light, which makes you feel involved in a very cozy atmosphere.
In fact, Le Du comes from a Thai word – “ฤดู”, a synonym for the word “Season” in Thai. The name reflects an emphasis on the culinary creations out of seasonal produce.

Thai Food Revolution at Le Du Restaurant

Local farmers are growing production with love and care. After that Le Du combines it with modern cooking techniques, and turn into something tastefully. This is the main reason why Ton and Tao decided to create Le Du. The two owners wanted to prove the world that Thai food can also turn into “Nouvelle cuisine”, with a modern touch and the local ingredients.

Thai Food Revolution at Le Du Restaurant
Chef Ton, 29 years old, attended to Culinary Institute of America, in USA, and quickly started working on Michelin-starred restaurants, in New York,such as ‘The Modern’ and the‘Eleven Madison Park’.

Thai Food Revolution at Le Du Restaurant

As Chef Ton explained to you that the menu is changed every three months, according to each seasonal products.

“We only cook with fresh ingredients”, he says.
At Le Du, they believe Thailand is one among the best places for the finest ingredients.

Thai Food Revolution at Le Du Restaurant

Overall, it is possible to escape from the bustle of one of the most populated cities in the world, and go for a lunch or a dinner in a modern Thai-inspired eatery. Visit Le Du and taste the best dishes in Bangkok!

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