Design Inspirations: See the New Bedroom Design from Savoir Beds

CovetED See New Bedroom Design from Savoir Beds Sacha lifestyle

Design Inspirations: See the New Bedroom Design from Savoir Beds

March 1, 2016

Design Inspirations: See the New Bedroom Design from Savoir Beds ⇒  Bedroom design is a place for everyone and comes in many styles and sizes, and today, CovetED will explore the new designs from Savoir Beds. These stunning bedroom ideas can easily help you decorate your bedroom in the most peculiar manner. Luxury Bed Maker Savoir is thrilled to unveil the ‘B’ bed as his latest collaboration with product designer and Creative Director of Christian Lacroix, Sacha Walckhoff.


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CovetED See New Bedroom Design from Savoir Beds bedroom design


Born in France, Sacha Walckhoff studied at the Barcelona Arts and Fashion Techniques School and worked in various retail fashion houses — Jean Rémy Daumas, Dorothée Bis, and Michel Klein. In August 1992, Sacha Walckhoff met Christian Lacroix. This was the beginning of a long-lasting collaboration between both artists. In January 2010, Walckhoff was appointed the creative director of House of Christian Lacroix. Since then he has designed men’s ready-to-wear collections and women’s accessory lines. He also commenced the Lifestyle department which is now extremely dynamic in regards to its various collections of porcelain tableware, upholstery fabrics, wallpapers, luxury stationery, and home accessories.


CovetED See New Bedroom Design from Savoir Beds bedroom designs




Walckhoff’s delight for extravagance is masterfully translated into his haute couture design as we can see by the Saviors’ bed works brought to life by skilled artisans. Celebrated for his theatrical style and use of intricate detail, Walckhoff took over the reins of Christian Lacroix in 2009. Stepping away from the runway, he embraced the opportunity to design a bed for Savoir.


CovetED See New Bedroom Design from Savoir Beds design


Our designer collaborations are a great opportunity to showcase our versatility and ability to customize our designs,” explained Alistair Hughes, managing director of Savoir Beds. “We are thrilled to have teamed up with Sacha, whose solid reputation in the fashion world has been transferred to furniture here with ease.


Inspired by the handcrafted Savoir mattress pocket springs, Walckhoff was keen to incorporate them into his own design. The ‘B’ bed features pod like cubby holes and a headboard made entirely of pocket springs and upholstered in blue nova suede powder by Alcantara, a technological and innovative fabric most commonly used to cover interiors of cars, aircraft, and yachts. The bed’s elaborated style embraces his passion for unexpected designs and quirky approach to fabrication. In a retro silhouette, the ‘B’ bed nods to the furniture of the 70s whereas its functionality, material, and trend-driven colourway offer a more contemporary edge.


CovetED See New Bedroom Design from Savoir Beds


Savior carefully selected a handful of proficient designers to craft innovate beds, besides Sacha Walckhoff, others included are Philip Gorrivan, Nicky Haslam, and Robert Couturier.




CovetED See New Bedroom Design from Savoir Beds decorating ideas


What do we know about Savoir Beds?

They were initially created for The Savoy Hotel in 1905. Savoir Beds has provided cloud-like comfort for over 100 years to celebrities as diverse as Sir Winston Churchill, Giacomo Puccini, and Marilyn Monroe. These beds are handmade in the UK and combine the finest natural materials and skilled craftsmanship in order to create the ultimate sleeping system. Each mattress of Savoir Beds is made by one craftsman for a specific client and tailored to their precise needs.


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