Ryan Korban: The King of Marble Infused Kitchen Designs

Ryan Korban- The King of Marble Infused Kitchen Designs

Ryan Korban: The King of Marble Infused Kitchen Designs

March 21, 2019

Ryan Korban: The King of Marble Infused Kitchen Designs ⇒  Is there something more sophisticated than a marble infused kitchen? We don’t think so, and that is why today, we bring you exactly that! If you are about to refurbish your kitchen space, or simply enjoy knowing about the latest trends in the design world –  this is for you. Ryan Korban is the master when it comes kitchen design, so please follow  CovetED below and be dazzled by the beauty of the following kitchen design concepts!


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Marble & Wood


The Best Interior Projects From All Over the World

Kitchen Design by Ryan Korban / Image Courtesy of Broad Street Development


Ryan Korban is one of the most influential interior designers out there counting with a portfolio of works in collaboration with some of the most important brands in the world as well as celebrities. Lately, he has been developing some truly inspiring kitchen designs with a major focus on the marble theme.

This beautiful example from 40 Bleecker street is just pure design excellence that combines white marble with brown wood.

In the designer’s own words about the project – “When designing 40 Bleecker, I knew my work needed to speak to a new generation of downtown buyers who are looking for luxury and elegance against a modern backdrop. This idea of contrast is evident throughout the spaces in everything from textures and materials to finishes and furniture—masculine contrasts with feminine, traditional with modern, soft with brutalist.”

To make this kitchen all the more beautiful, all the products in it are custom-designed, including pieces from Bill Schwinghammer’s custom lighting, which have been strategically placed to enhance the kitchen’s modern lines even more. We love it!


Marble & Neutral Palette


Ryan Korban: The King of Marble Infused Kitchen Designs

Via Pinterest


Another great example of how to create a marble kitchen can be seen in this prewar apartment designed by Ryan Korban. This prewar apartment overlooks the Madison Square Park, making it the ultimate personification of a modern, and stylish, New York family home

About the kitchen design, Ryan Korban says – “It’s kind of a maintenance nightmare, but this is one of my favourite kitchens that I’ve ever done.” – Bar Stools by B&B Italia are tucked under the waterfall-edged island, and a built-in window seat offers more discreet storage.

Ryan Korban was able to work closely with the client in the entire project. Together they established a palette of cool greys, creamy whites, and moody blacks, grounding the design in sleek urbanity while using plush texture to soften the look. – “It’s good to have a client who knows where things should be,” he says. “He has a very clear vision of design and quality.”

The kitchen’s cosmopolitan vibe comes, mostly, from the polished marble, which brings to the room a beautiful blend of contemporary and traditional references. The result is clean and sophisticated.


Marble & High Contrasts


Ryan Korban: The King of Marble Infused Kitchen Designs

Via Pinterest


Another must-see kitchen design conceived by Ryan Korban is located in the beautiful Tribeca loft where deep contrasts of white and black can be seen all over the property. To give continuity to this aesthetic, Ryan Korban used a neutral palette for the kitchen consisting of mostly white and black and making the marble centrepiece the highlight of the space.

This kitchen design fits perfectly with the airy yet edgy loft. Everything in the loft was carefully curated with a mix of custom pieces as well as furnishings by Karl Springer, Jean-Michel Frank, Milo Baughman, Christian Liaigre, and Vladimir Kagan.


Marble & Lighting


Ryan Korban- The King of Marble Infused Kitchen Designs

Ella Suspension by DelightFULL


Ryan Korban is not only a master of marble kitchen design is a master in pretty much anything related to decoration. – That’s, after all, what you expect from someone who has worked with some of the most iconic brands as well as celebrities – Balenciaga, Alexander Wang, James Franco, Jessica Stam and Vanessa Traina.

When it comes to kitchen lighting there are so many different tasks that we must attend to, that having the best lighting around will make all the difference. Ryan Korban does this beautifully and always finds a way to blend the lighting design seamlessly.


Ryan Korban- The King of Marble Infused Kitchen Designs

Aretha Suspension by DelightFULL


When marble is involved you don’t want to take away the focus away from it as you still want to make the statement piece. With that in mind, you should always choose lighting pieces that include neutral hues such as white, black, and in some cases metal.


Ryan Korban- The King of Marble Infused Kitchen Designs

Marcus Pendant by DelightFULL


If you are wondering what’s the best place your task lighting (for reading recipes, cooking, etc), that would be under the cabinets. This way the light will come directly from between the work surface and a person’s head. – A popular option for this type of task lighting is strip lights.


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