Passion for Design from Vicente Wolf


Passion for Design from Vicente Wolf

May 29, 2015

The luxury magazine Covet Edition continues to get acquainted our readers with one of the designers from the Studio Annetta list. Today we would like to introduce a Cuban-born American interior designer who is based in Manhattan, NY. This is a well-known Vicente Wolf.


Born in Cuba, Vicente Wolf lived there until he was fifteen years old. He did not graduate from high school. He moved to New York City at the age of eighteen. He first worked in advertising, modeling and acting. Shortly after, he decided to take up interior designing. We may admit that he is self-taught. At the same time his influences include Philippe Starck and Karl Lagerfeld.

For the past three decades Vicente Wolf has fostered the global development of his brand through a simplicity-driven principle that infuses his many creative endeavours: interior design, photography, art collection and global travel. From the spacious light-filled loft in New York City where his company is headquartered, Wolf and his team at Vicente Wolf Associates build on his passion for design, maintaining an impressive portfolio that spans multinational conglomerates and private homes to hotels and restaurants across the globe.


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Wolf‟s portfolio offers the ultimate global aesthetic, from multinational conglomerates to private homes, from hotels and restaurants to product design.


Always on the lookout for new ways in which to inspire the world of design, Wolf’s eye for detail has created a reputation for quality appreciated by his discerning client list, the creative industry as a whole, and his international partnerships with some of the world’s top luxury brands.


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His Residential Projects include:

  • The Manhattan apartment of choreographer Twyla Tharp
  • The California home of Nely Galan
  • The Richland Plantation in Natchez, Mississippi
  • The Manhattan apartment and Westchester guest house of Clive Davis
  •  Swedish residence and Long Island home for Mr. and Mrs. George David
  • The Manhattan apartment of the Prince and Princess von Furstenberg
  • The New York City apartment of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lynne, president of New Line Cinema
  • The New York City apartment of Mr. Carl Bernstein
  • The New York apartment of Matthew & Susan Blank, president of Showtime TV Networks
  • The Manhattan apartment of event designer Preston Bailey
  • The Connecticut home of mannequin designer and art gallery owner, Ralph Pucci
  • Dancer Shelley Washington‟s New York apartment


VW Home is the luxury showroom where Wolf displays his line of fabrics, lighting, upholstery and case good pieces, a collection of sterling silver flatware, antique furniture, accessories and bed linens that he handpicks while traveling the globe. The showroom also offers interior design services, utilizing products selected and designed by Wolf.

Besides, Wolf has also published three books, Learning to See (Artisan, 2002), Crossing Boundaries: A Global Vision of Design (Monacelli Press, 2006) and Lifting the Curtain on Design (Monacelli Press, 2010) that focus on the many design inspirations found throughout the world.

To conclude, Vicente Wolf is not only a designer, traveler, photographer, but also a person who inspired and impressed its customers. Follow our page and learn more about inspirational interior designers.

Source of images- Veranda