Nate Berkus Presents His New Vintage Décor Kitchen

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If you are an Interior Designer Aficionado, then you probably already know who Nate Berkus is! Famous for his Tv Appearances, namely on the Oprah Show, Berkus recently presented his newly renovated 80-square-foot kitchen above his garage and showed the end result to the Los Angeles Times! Now it’s time for CovetED to show you this amazing space.

His design goal for this personal project was to salvage as much of the charm and character of the original 1928 Spanish Colonial House, after all, he lives in a historical house, namely the original carriage house of Hancock Park, an iconic and affluent residential neighborhood in the central region of the City of Los Angeles.


Nate Berkus Presents His New Vintage Décor Kitchen

Photo by LA Times


What did that mean for his project? He revamped the division with a vintage Shaker-style cabinetry but kept the 1920s glass and iron frame window above the sink. Despite his love for vintage and his goals to maintain the original character of the room, Nate Berkus had no intention of living in the past.


Nate Berkus Presents His New Vintage Décor Kitchen

Photo by LA Times


His overall goal for the project was to bring a stylish vintage kitchen to the modern day. “I always reach for things that have age and patina, and I’m aware of what already has inherent character, but the more I’m out there in the world shopping, and sourcing the more interesting some of the newer solutions are”, Berkus said. This statement translates into an elegant design that mixes vintage and contemporary styles to produce a stunning end result.


Nate Berkus Presents His New Vintage Décor Kitchen

Photo by LA Times


For additional cabinets, to add to the existent ones, Berkus turned to IKEA, then finished them off with textured melamine doors from the Impression collection in a Tahoe finish from a company called Semihandmade, which designs custom-look drawer and cabinet facings for basic cabinet boxes.


Nate Berkus Presents His New Vintage Décor Kitchen

Photo by LA Times, Nate Berkus Presents His New Vintage Décor Kitchen


The fronts are three-quarters of an inch thicker than standard IKEA facings, and flat-front panels extend slightly past the drawer or cabinet base for a more seamless, built-in look. “It’s brilliant, actually,” Berkus said of the storage solution. “You can buy the cabinet boxes from anywhere, and they sell the doors and the skins so you can change anything to what you want it to be.”


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In these cabinets and in all of the doors of the kitchen, Berkus applied some elegant and swanky pulls handles that match the elegance and quality of the overall design. Those Signature Hardware pieces match perfectly with the vintage style of the room, but stills manage to bring it to the 21st Century!


Nate Berkus Presents His New Vintage Décor Kitchen

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA – Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent

New, darkly stained butcher block countertops were chosen for classic appeal, not practicality because Berkus opted for a more inspirational and decorative approach. The kitchen services what is a home office space for Berkus and his husband, designer Jeremiah Brent, and is not the main kitchen prep area for the family, which includes 2-year-old daughter Poppy.

Image Source – Nate Berkus, LA Times,


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