Trussardi Casa Living Room Inspiration for 2019

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 Trussardi Casa Living Room Inspiration for 2019 ⇒ Trussardi Casa‘s new collection was presented at this year’s Salone del Mobile and offers elegant home inspiration that is outstandingly functional. From the colour palette to fabrics, CovetED takes you through the best of this collection. Plus, if you are in need of some great living room inspiration, this article is the one for you. Enjoy!

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Trussardi‘s designer, Carlo Colombo, has set out a collection that offers an elegant, outstandingly functional home environment.


Image Credits: Trussardi Casa


The collection was presented at this year’s Salone del Mobile. Their stand was divided into three different areas use you could easily identify by their use of colour.


Image Credits: Trussardi Casa


In the first space, allusions to the earth prevail, and you could see natural fabrics and leathers in pale colours. In the second one, greys and greens were embellished with ochre and caramel, while, in the third space, shades of grey were combined with purple nuances.


Image Credits: Trussardi Casa


This is a collection where high-quality fabrics and leathers are combined with multiple colour schemes, metal details (in gun-metal), brushed bronze, and polished brass which appears alongside the oak and new Brazilian Rosewood timbers.


Image Credits: Trussardi Casa


The Deve’s sofa pictured above is a great example of what Trussardi is trying to communicate with this collection – practicality, functionality, and beauty.


Image Credits: Trussardi Casa


Trussardi’s fashion identity is also present in the collection, and examples of that can be seen on the leather of the armrests as well as the quilting details.


Image Credits: Trussardi Casa


If you were running out of ideas as to how to revamp your living room, this post will shed some light on you!


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