Our Favourite Living Room Pieces from Brabbu

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Our Favourite Living Room Pieces from Brabbu  ⇒ ‘An Intense way of living’ is Brabbu‘s motto, and if you look carefully at their unique design pieces, you’ll understand why. From broad usage of colours, design and materials, to more simple and blendable pieces – Brabbu’s living rooms are anything but dull. Today CovetED brings to you some of their most iconic pieces. Take a look below!

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Anise Classic

Our Favourite Living Room Pieces from Brabbu


Anise Pillow was inspired by one of the most known spices in the world – Star Anise. Just as the spice is essential to everyone’s wellbeing, by being used both in culinary and medicine in the Middle East, this pillow resembles exotic places. Not only makes one dream of faraway places it gives an earthy and warm vibe to any interior design style.


Fitzroy Sofa

Our Favourite Living Room Pieces from Brabbu


Fitzroy Sofa is inspired in Mount Fitz Roy, a mountain in Patagonia, whose name is a tribute to Robert Fitzroy, the captain of the ship that transported Charles Darwin in his travel around the world. This curved sofa, with its back inspired in the outstanding mountain shape, is fully upholstered in cotton velvet and the base is in matte casted brass. Fitzroy Sofa will add an organic element to any living room set.


Cyrus Floor Light


Our Favourite Living Room Pieces from Brabbu


Cyrus was the brave Persian king that conquered Babylonia and its Cylinder was the document that proves it. Cyrus floor light was inspired by the freedom and the vast culture of the Persian civilization. An original furniture piece, made in polished brass. Luxurious, yet, sober and exquisite.


Andes Armchair

Our Favourite Living Room Pieces from Brabbu


The grandeur of the Andes’ mountains is only matched by the surviving skills of the people who strive there. Andes Armchair is a mid-century modern furniture piece that pays tribute this strength. With matte aged brass legs and covered in a rich cotton velvet upholstery, this accent chair adds a strong yet graceful touch to any home decor.


Cauca Rug II

Our Favourite Living Room Pieces from Brabbu


The Cauca culture is an extinct Colombian culture dated between the 9 and 10th centuries CE, located close to the Cauca river in Colombia. Their traditional artworks gave rise to Brabbu’s Cauca rug. The geometric pattern on the black & white rug recalls the sharp artwork of the Cauca culture and aims to bring strength to any living room.



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