Living Room Designs by the World’s Best Interior Designers

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Living Room Designs by the World’s Best Interior Designers ⇒ Living rooms really are the “life” of a home. It’s in them that we rest, enjoy quality time with our families, host parties, and simply spend time relaxing – be it on the weekends during the day, or even after work in the evening. A living room that is aesthetically pleasing can improve the mood of those in it by double, and that is why it is important to plan the style you are going for, before you actually start decorating it. CovetED always has your back and that is today we bring the best living room designs by the best minds in the game.


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Bunny Williams


Interior Design Trends for 2019: Best Home Decor Picks


Bunny Williams is one of the best interior designers of our time, and is known for her luxurious, elegant and most important timeless.

We love the work she did in this villa in Palm Beach as it is not always that you see a living room in a dusk blue palette that actually works!

Bunny Williams didn’t only manage to create a living room space where the wealth of patterns, textures and colours are blend seamlessly, she was also able to bring innovation into the picture. – “The walls were all done with photo imaging. You just lay out the images of the tiles on a computer, and they’re photo-printed, and then you hang up the result like wallpaper.” says the designer.


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Nate Berkus


Interior Design Trends for 2019: Best Home Decor Picks


Nate Berkus is a fantastic interior designer, but he is also an author, TV host, and even television personality. This man of a thousand talents is one of the most requested interior designers and even runs his own company in Chicago Nate Berkus Associates, which was founded in 1995.

The living room featured in the picture belongs to a Seatle project the designer worked on and his an elegant paradise where neutral hues are the standout. – “I’ve always believed the most successful rooms are the ones that are assembled and layered over time. This project took over 2.5 years to create, it may be the first time I’ve been actively jealous of my clients.”


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Lanka Bookshelf by Brabbu


Jonathan Adler


Interior Design Trends for 2019: Best Home Decor Picks


 Jonathan Adler is the ‘go to’ designer when it comes home decor inspiration, and his 2019 Spring collection, as per usual, is reflective of that.

“Life is too short to look back and see an endless haze of beige”, the designer says, and that why any home division conceived by him is a heaven of colour.

In this particular living room design by Jonathan Adler, he loved that he was able to mix it several colours, textures and hues, while still maintaining a sophisticated tone. – “My philosophy is to build a timelessly chic foundation and then accessorize and add colour with abandon.”, says Jonathan Adler.


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Martyn Lawrence Bullard


Interior Design Trends for 2019: Best Home Decor Picks


Martyn Lawrence Bullard is known as a celebrity designer who has collaborated with A-list clients such as Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Tommy Hilfiger or Ellen Pompeo. – Much like Nate Berkus – Martyn Bullard is a celebrity himself and has even appeared on Million Dollar Decorators.

His style is described by many as ‘Holywood glamour’, but he is also able to create comfort sanctuaries, such as the living room above, were luxury and practicality are brought together in a smart and modern way.

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 Living Room Designs From the World's Best Designers

Pearl Sofa by Brabbu



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