John Stefanidis: sensitivity to elegant proportions


John Stefanidis: sensitivity to elegant proportions

May 26, 2015

Recently Coveted magazine got interested by the interior design of John Stefanidis.  Generally speaking, John Stefanidis is a world renowned and much sought after interior designer with a prestigious, international clientele. For years, he has been the interior designer of choice to a discreet elite, working on palaces, mansions and superyachts. John Stefanidis’s clients have included the Duke of Westminster, Selfridges tycoon Galen Weston, oil heiress Ann Getty and hotelier Rocco Forte.


If there is such a thing as a John Stefanidis ‘look’ it would combine a bold and original use of vibrant colour, an eclectic and cosmopolitan aesthetic, great sensitivity to elegant proportions and the client’s requirements and, above all, great comfort with style.


Furthermore, John Stefanidis is one of the world’s leading and most sought after interior designers. His criteria includes comfort and an atmosphere to make guests feel welcome.


Born in pre-war Alexandria and educated in Egypt, John moved to the UK to study at Oxford University. After several years in advertising both in London and Milan, his shift towards a career in interior design began after he renovated a 16th Century house on the Greek island of Patmos in the Dodecanese.


In 1967, he established his architecture and interior design practice from a studio in Chelsea, London since when he has maintained the highest standards of creativity and design. He has worked with many prominent interior designer, for example: with Anthony Collett, one of the principals of Collett-Zarzycki Ltd, a 25 year old London-based architectural design practice.


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John Stefanidis Brands Limited specialises in the architectural and interior design of both residential properties and hotels across the globe, maintaining long-term relationships with their clients. His interior design projects are characterized by elegance, luxury and magnificence. John Stefanidis is known for his great selection of furniture and decoration elements. He always chooses the finest pieces made of high-quality materials.


In the course of designing the interiors of his clients’ houses, John has also created original fabric and furniture ranges which have been influenced by his many travels and his renowned eye for ergonomic design and bold colours.

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Further useful biographical and design information can be found in his books: “Rooms – Design & Decoration”, “Living by Design”, “John Stefanidis Designs”, “An Island Sanctuary: A House in Greece”. John Stefanidis also shares his knowledge and passion for design on his blog: The Developed Eye.

To sum up, John Stefanidis Design impresses and some design projects are really incredible. That is why no wonder, that Studio Annetta has put him in her list of inspirational designer. What did you like most of all of his living room, bedroom and dining room ideas?

Image source – John Stefanidis Brands Ltd. Design