Interior Design Trends for 2019: Best Home Inspiration

Interior Design Trends for 2019: Best Home Decor Picks

Interior Design Trends for 2019: Best Home Inspiration

April 2, 2019

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Interior Design Trends for 2019: Best Home Inspiration  ⇒ There is no better way of getting home inspiration than by staying up to date with the latest interior design trends as well as the most iconic projects from the world’s best interior designers. Here at CovetED, our aim is to always help you and inspire you. – Having trouble planning a home makeover? – Worry not, this list comprises 2019’s hottest trends to follow as well as home inspiration from timeless design projects.


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Jonathan Adler


Interior Design Trends for 2019: Best Home Decor Picks


We love that when it comes to interior design, Jonathan Adler‘s approach is either ‘everything or nothing’: “One object is all it takes to change your mood, the room, or even your entire world.”

His 2019 Spring collection is a reflection of that, bringing us to a world of colour, mixed shapes and varied materials; the rules were made to be broken, and according to Jonathan Adler – “Life is too short to look back and see an endless haze of beige.”

We are particularly in love with Jonathan Adler’s living room design concepts for the new season. As you can see by the above picture he invites us to mix it up by, for example, pairing a modern table with sculptural chairs for a grounding effect.


Interior Design Trends for 2019: Best Home Decor Picks


How can you do this? Look at your living room, bedroom (or what other home division), like a white canvas that you will carefully fill in.

This is particularly important when you know beforehand that you will be mixing lots of different colours, fabrics or shapes. – “My philosophy is to build a timelessly chic foundation and then accessorize and add colour with abandon.”, says Jonathan Adler.

Another fundamental rule to keep in mind when decorating your home is that if you really want it to stick out, you need to reference your own personality in it. According to Jonathan Adler, there is no particular colour or shape that you should be following. Even though some studies may say that a blue bedroom could help you sleep better, or that a red kitchen makes you hungry; according to Jonathan Adler you can’t view interior design in a pre-defined manner  – “We live in an anything-goes world, and if you want to channel Diana Vreeland’s all-red ‘garden in hell’ living room, then do it.”


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Ryan Korban


Interior Design Trends for 2019: Best Home Decor Picks


Ryan Korban is known as one of the most successful designers of his generation, and proof of that is his A-client list which includes; Balenciaga, Alexander Wang and Aquazzura.

As a leader when it comes to setting interior design trends, Ryan Korban, is one of those names that has to be mentioned no matter the season. A recent project that proves exactly this, is the beautiful Tribeca loft, where deep contrasts of white and black can be seen all over the property.

The kitchen, for example, is absolutely divine and features a neutral palette consisting of mostly white and black, with the statement marble centrepiece as the highlight of the space.

Not only that, but the kitchen also fits perfectly with the airy yet edgy loft. Everything in the loft was carefully curated with a mix of custom pieces as well as furnishings by Karl Springer, Jean-Michel Frank, Milo Baughman, Christian Liaigre, and Vladimir Kagan.


Turner Family


Rockwell Group


Interior Design Trends for 2019: Best Home Decor Picks


The Rockwell Group specializes in a wide range of industries from luxury hospitality, cultural, and healthcare projects, to educational, product, and even set design.

They have created some of the most beautiful projects in the interior design world, and are one of the biggest employers of Interior Designers and Architects in the United States, counting with over 250 people in their New York, Madrid and Shanghai offices.

As some of the most important leaders in their field, they are a constant source interior design trends – ’15 Hudson Yards’ is an impressive 88-storey skyscraper, and the Rockwell Group was in charge of the interior design work.


Interior Design Trends for 2019: Best Home Decor Picks


The result is fresh, modern and mainly focused on neutral colours as you can see by both the kitchen design and the living room.


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Thomas O’Brien


Interior Design Trends for 2019: Best Home Decor Picks


Everything Thomas O’Brien creates is reflective of his motto – “I like practical and useful things as well as fine and rare things”.

As the founder of and President of Aero Studios – one of America’s leading design firms – Thomas O’Brien, is famous for having been able to translate modernism into a warm and livable aesthetic.

His projects span from – private residences to commercial properties; product design to brand and fine art consulting. – The key to his success as an interior designer lies in his master talent to combine furniture pieces from the most varied historical origins. This vintage elegance that he is able to apply in all of his interior design projects brings to his clients a rare sense of comfort and refreshed familiarity.


Interior Design Trends for 2019: Best Home Decor Picks


The greatest attribute of Thomas O’Brien as an interior designer is that you can re-visit his older projects, and still feel that they are very much on trend. Great interior design is made to last decades, and not to be replaced in just a couple of years. – “Your home should tell the story of your life”, says Thomas O’Brien.

The interior designer’s New York (Manhattan) flat, is a great example of that. The living room counts with 20ft-high ceilings but a small footprint and is decorated in a modern American style. As you can see by the picture, Thomas O’Brien tends to use eclectically-framed pictures as well as objects as a backdrop to furniture so that our eyes are drawn to certain focal points.


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Bunny Williams


Interior Design Trends for 2019: Best Home Decor Picks


Bunny Williams is one of the best interior designers of our time, known for her luxurious take on home decor.

As a great interior designer, her style is reflective of several trends, but her overall interior design style is elegant and long-lasting.

Her work at an old Mediterranean style villa in Palm Beach is a great example of how to create sophisticated, bold, yet classic interiors.


Interior Design Trends for 2019: Best Home Decor Picks


As we know one of the top colour trends for 2019, includes dusk blue, and this vila sure is filled with it. – In the new guesthouse, the bedroom looking out onto the pool is swathed in “watery blue colours” while the living room includes dusk blue tiled walls – a modern take on the classic Mediterranean wall style.

This is where Bunny Williams is able to make a difference and actually bring innovation into the picture – “The walls were all done with photo imaging. You just lay out the images of the tiles on a computer, and they’re photo-printed, and then you hang up the result like wallpaper.” says the designer.


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Yabu Pushelberg


Interior Design Trends for 2019: Best Home Inspiration


Yabu Pushelberg is an international design firm with offices in Toronto, SoHo, and New York, and founded by Glenn Pushelberg and George Yabu. They are specialised in interior, furniture and product design for the hospitality and retail industries.

The company has always offered prime quality designs that combine innovation with great craftsmanship. Their latest furniture collection is just another proof of that and it incorporates a lot of the trendy materials and shapes of the interior design world.

Yabu Pushelberg’s new releases include two different collections; the Puddle side tables and Noce dining and lounge chairs, which were designed and produced in collaboration with Henge – an Italian furniture brand.


Interior Design Trends for 2019: Best Home Inspiration


The collection is elegant and has a strong nature relation to it as you can see by the pictures. The tables come in flattering round shapes while the chairs are made of chunky wooden legs. Metal, a material that will continue to be favoured throughout 2019, is strong within the collection, and present in almost all table designs.

Great inspiration for your living room? We think so!


Dining Tables Boca do Lobo


Peter Marino


Interior Design Trends for 2019: Best Home Inspiration


Peter Marino is known for his capacity to create ‘luxury without excess’, making him the architect of choice for developers and luxury brands, such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Fendi, and more.

Even though he has created more retail design concepts that we can imagine (and really good ones for that matter), when he decides to embark on a private home project, the results are just as impressive.

This private estate located in Biscayne Bay is the perfect example of how to seamlessly blend architecture with interior design.

The entire property is filled with art, happy colours, and dazzling shapes. The master bedroom is a great example of Marino’s interior design savoir-faire; it is filled with painted stripes, with Josef Hoffmann table lamps, and where antique Phulkari textiles cover the custom bed.


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Mary Mcdonald


Interior Design Trends for 2019: Best Home Decor Picks


Mary Macdonald is an award-winning, internationally published Los Angeles based interior designer working on projects throughout the United States. She is the author of  “Interiors: The Allure of Style” from Rizzoli publishing and has starred in Bravo TV’s “Million Dollars Decorated” & “Property Envy”

In this living room, Mary Macdonald used mostly greys in her colour palette with pops of red, as well as various accessories which help to create depth.


Martyn Lawrence Bullard


Interior Design Trends for 2019: Best Home Decor Picks


Martyn Lawrence Bullard is undoubtedly one of the best interior designers of our times. Born in London but based in L.A., Martyn is known as the celebrity designer, with Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Tommy Hilfiger and Ellen Pompeo on his client’s list. However, Martyn is a celebrity himself as well, having appeared on Million Dollar Decorators, a Bravo’s TV Show, and having completed a series of high-profile projects, including both residential and hospitality.

When it comes to hospitality design, Martyn has designed quite a few around the world, including the Colony Palms Hotel in Palm Springs the Chateau Gütsch in Switzerland, among many others.

His style is described by many as Holywood glamour. Maybe his A-list client list granted him that title, but the designer grants this to the fact that his firm has captured throughout the years the essence of fantasies and creation of personal sanctuaries that bring luxury and comfort together in a modern way.


Nate Berkus


Interior Design Trends for 2019: Best Home Decor Picks


Designer, author, TV host and television personality, Nate Berkus is a name to follow in the world of interior design projects. Born in California, Berkus runs the Chicago interior design firm Nate Berkus Associates founded in 1995, one year after he graduated from Lake Forest College with degrees in French and Sociology.

Seatle Project – “I’ve always believed the most successful rooms are the ones that are assembled and layered over time. This project took over 2.5 years to create, it may be the first time I’ve been actively jealous of my clients.”


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Interior Design Trends for 2019: Best Home Inspiration

Lanka Bookshelf by Brabbu


Michael Smith


Interior Design Trends for 2019: Best Home Decor Picks


Michael Smith is without a doubt one of the most respected and original talents in the North-American Design Industry. His design firm, Michael S Smith Inc, was launched in 1990 in NYC, and since then it has been expanding from projects solely for private clients to his line of fine furniture and fabrics named “Jasper”.

One of his biggest and most stunning projects in New York was the redesign of his very own fabulous NYC Penthouse, which Smith renovated with Oscar Shamamian of Ferguson & Shamamian Architects. With a touch of French Classical influence, this Penthouses boosts a Retro and Monarch Style that takes us back to the French Royalty Golden Days and that reminds us of the great Palace of Versailles! With some of Jasper’s Fabrics and Furniture to complete the stunning Royal look, this Penthouse is a great example of Royal Opulence with amazing Mirrors and powerfull sofas.


BRABBU upholstery Malay chair


Timothy Corrigan


Interior Design Trends for 2019: Best Home Decor Picks


Timothy Corrigan is an interior designer with offices in Los Angeles and Paris and specialized in interior design with antiques incorporated. He has worked in the homes of European and Middle Eastern royalty, Hollywood celebrities. Not only that, but he has also been named ‘AD100: World’s Top Interior Designers and Architects.’ by Architectural Digest.

Timothy loves neoclassical art and owns a number of big-ticket antiques (including a cabinet once owned by Catherine the Great), but he’s also a fan of big, fat armchairs meant for sprawling. “My style is based on the pragmatic, casual, comfortable way of living that we have in this country, particularly in California.”

Timothy’s richly layered living room combines the modern (including a Timothy Corrigan Home coffee table and a colourful portrait of Timothy by Don Bachardy) with antiques including a red 18th-century Venetian table.


Kelly Hoppen


Interior Design Trends for 2019: Best Home Decor Picks


Hoppen‘s vision is to deliver the most personalized and suitable interior for the client’s lifestyle. She ensures that every interior is tailor-made to their needs and delivers the best on every detail. The best thing about Kelly Hoppen’s interiors is the combination of practicality and luxury, resulting in a bespoke design that emphasizes the atmosphere.

The Loft project is located in London and has a more adventurous look that takes us back to the jungle. The texture of the rugs and the armchairs in combination with the greenery decor makes this dining room very modern and imposing. Extremely chic!


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Philippe Starck


Interior Design Trends for 2019: Best Home Decor Picks


Internationally acclaimed French creator, designer and architect, Philippe Starck is an untiring and rebellious citizen of the world, who considers it his duty to share his ethical and subversive vision of a fairer planet, creates unconventional places and objects whose purpose is to be “good” before being beautiful.

French designer Philippe Starck has created a collection of furniture for Cassina that have been upholstered in Apple Ten Lork, a vegan fabric.


Interior Design Trends for 2019: Best Home Decor Picks


A total of 16 pieces designed by Starck for Cassina, including the Volage EX-S sofa, redesigned with thinner armrest, the Privè collection and the Caprice and Passion chairs, have been covered with Apple Ten Lork.

The Italian furniture brand embarked on the “experimental process” from a desire to research alternative materials.


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