Get Inspired by These Luxury Summer Decor Trends

Get Inspired by These Luxury Summer Decor Trends ⇒ The weather is getting warmer and summer is coming. For that reason, CovetED Magazine brings you the next summer decor trends for you to get inspired and be aware of the latest trends, that are always in constant transformation.


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It doesn’t matter if you are a mid-century design enthusiast, a classic decor lover or a contemporary style admirer, this article is for you if you like to keep it trendy. Summer is less than one month away so it’s time to replace the darker tones with colorful ones. Are you ready?


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Geometric patterns have been in trend for a while. Although it all started in the 60’s, the tendency is becoming bigger and bigger now – making the latest design news and lists. You can incorporate it by using wallpapers, lighting fixtures, accessories and so on!


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Pastel colors are a trend that is here to stay, definitely. It adds a lot of vitality and effervescence to your ambiances, making them look irresistible. Soft yellow, pink, green or blue are always a good choice if you want to bring the paradise down to your house. As trendy as it gets!


Get Inspired with This Luxury Summer Decor Trends 2

Indigo blue is probably the color of 2018. You will see a lot of it during the summer because it’s delicate and soothing, but bold and distinct at the same time. Pillows, vases, flowers or an armchair, like the one in the picture above, are good ways to incorporate this color in your home decor. Mix it with different colors to create a feeling of depth in your space.


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Plants are like a timeless element, right? They’re not exactly a trend, but more like a statement. It adds liveliness and verve to any interior, for sure. That’s the interesting part about interior design – you can always blend it with the simplest things. Plants look even better in the summer!


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Tropical means exotic, colorful and vibrant. Here’s a wonderful theme you can use to make your ambiances look cheerful and dynamic. Suitable for indoors and outdoors, the tropical theme is now a trend. Pillows and wallpapers with patterns are a great option to get this style into your home decor! Be bold!


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