Inspirational interior designers: Stern McCafferty practice

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Inspirational interior designers: Stern McCafferty practice

May 27, 2015

Stern McCafferty practice has the reputation of designing innovation and building beautiful projects.

David Stern and Diane McCafferty collaborate in a design process that involves working closely with their team of designers and with their clients to create projects that are authentic, evocative and responsive. Their work also is involved with the process of building as well; they believe that the engagement with the art of construction is really important for the project to succeed.

David Stern

David Stern is a practicing architect with over 25 years of experience. He has designed private residences, libraries, museums, academic buildings, corporate interiors, retail spaces, and office buildings. He combines a unique design sensibility with a singular ability to engage in the art of building.

David brings his enthusiasm for design to the classroom, where he is adjunct professor of architecture at the Northeastern University School of Architecture in Boston. He holds a Master in Architecture from Harvard University, and completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Pittsburgh and the Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies in New York City.

Diane McCafferty

Diane McCafferty is an interior designer whose work bridges the gap between the traditional disciplines of architecture and interior design. She brings a unique sensitivity to her projects, carefully integrating materials and details to achieve, simple, elegant, and evocative interiors. Fueled by a desire for authenticity, she often creates project-specific furniture, lighting and accessories. She has designed private residences, corporate and institutional interiors, executive offices, and retail environments.

Diane holds a Master of Arts in Interior Design from Pratt Institute in New York City; she completed her undergraduate studies in art history at Boston College and industrial design at the Domus Academy in Milan.


Covet-Edition-coveted-luxury-magazine-inspirational-interior-designers-stren-macCfferty-Fayerweather Street ResidenceCovet-Edition-coveted-luxury-magazine-inspirational-interior-designers-stren-macCfferty-Fayerweather Street Residence-1Covet-Edition-coveted-luxury-magazine-inspirational-interior-designers-stren-macCfferty-Fayerweather Street Residence-2Covet-Edition-coveted-luxury-magazine-inspirational-interior-designers-stren-macCfferty-Weston Residence-5

Covet-Edition-coveted-luxury-magazine-inspirational-interior-designers-stren-macCfferty-Fayerweather Street Residence-3

Covet-Edition-coveted-luxury-magazine-inspirational-interior-designers-stren-macCfferty-Fayerweather Street Residence-4

Fayerweather Street Residence  

This is a great residence for an artsy family, because it provides space to hang their collections and at the same time you sense the warmth felling of being at home and in a pratical environment. It is also a great space to raise your children.

This project is a renovation of an existng Georgian revival structure, clad in Cor-Ten steel with large windows, is carefully integrated into the landscape. This project combines an open, modern interior with an exterior expression that fits carefully into its historic Cambridge neighborhood. The interior was redesigned in its entirety and portions of the existing floors were removed to create a two-story gallery atrium.

Covet-Edition-coveted-luxury-magazine-inspirational-interior-designers-stren-macCfferty-custom glass bathtubCovet-Edition-coveted-luxury-magazine-inspirational-interior-designers-stren-macCfferty-Fayerweather Street Residence-9

 Some details of a Claremont Residence – project by Stern McCafferty

Two attached townhouses were combined to create one residence in a dense, urban section of Boston’s historic South End. The design evolved from a desire to retain the individual spirit of the existing structures while celebrating their connection.
The rear facade was redesigned to incorporate large areas of glass overlooking a carefully crafted urban garden.

Covet-Edition-coveted-luxury-magazine-inspirational-interior-designers-stren-macCfferty-Jilani Loft Covet-Edition-coveted-luxury-magazine-inspirational-interior-designers-stren-macCfferty-Jilani Loft-1

Covet-Edition-coveted-luxury-magazine-inspirational-interior-designers-stren-macCfferty-Jilani Loft-2

Covet-Edition-coveted-luxury-magazine-inspirational-interior-designers-stren-macCfferty-Jilani Loft-3

Covet-Edition-coveted-luxury-magazine-inspirational-interior-designers-stren-macCfferty-Jilani Loft-4 Covet-Edition-coveted-luxury-magazine-inspirational-interior-designers-stren-macCfferty-Jilani Loft-5

 Rutland Street Residence

This is an interior renovation of a five story 1850’s townhouse in Boston’s historic South End. The upper floors were re-designed as a modern residential interior; the parlor level accommodates the owners’ graphic design and marketing studio.Sustainability was a key factor in this project. Open floor plans and translucent materials allow natural light to penetrate into the interior spaces; the house is passively cooled, materials are locally sourced and many rooms have multiple functions.
This architectures and designers really worry about functionality, but they also combine every element so gracefull that the place looks like a movie set. Their studio is in Boston, more specifically:
46 Waltham Street
Suite 302a
Boston, MA 02118
They have won a lot of recognition of the years through press and most importantly through awards for their projects from Boston Society of Architects Small Firms/Small Projects Awards for the project Rutland Street Residence that it is posible to see above or a International Interior Design Association Award for a Follen Street Residence. Stren MacCafferty practice was also considered ‘Best of Houzz’ in 2012, 2014 and 2015.

Photos via Houzz


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