Inspirational Interior Designers: Stephen Sills


Inspirational Interior Designers: Stephen Sills

May 26, 2015

Stephen Sills is an interior designer that transforms interiors in timeless spaces with a unique and modern living ambiance.

He is all about architecture, function, and history of the space, he likes to embrace the spirit of the client. Also, Stephen mixes his modern style with a classic twist and that is what turns spaces into beautiful projects.


He approaches every project with sensitivity to the architecture, function, and history of the space, enriching the vision of the client. With a fresh approach to classicism, Sills brings together furnishings that span four centuries and innovative choices of surfaces, textures, and colors.

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Stephen Sills Associates stems from the design work of Sills Huniford Associates, a formidable force in the design world for over 25 years. Clients like Nan Swid, Vera Wang, Anna Wintour, Linda Wells, The Newhouse family, Tina Turner, Brooke DeOcampo, Lauren and Richard Dupont, The Starwood Properties/St. Regis, The Rockefeller family and the Connaught Hotel in London.
Right now, his projects are private residences in the most luxurious neighborhoods like Aspen and Palm Beach. Sills has also some projects in the beautiful city of New York. Most recently, Stephen Sills was appointed to Creative Director for The Apthorp, a landmark residential building on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.


Stephen Sills book ‘Stephen Sills Decoration’


A good example of Stephen’s style is his own apartment that was renovated for the third time by him. The surfaces have been bleached, limed and whitewashed, creating a ghosted-over version of its former self. The one exception is a chic new dressing room, which has been veneered entirely in dyed-green satinwood paneling that suggests the first-class compartment of some mysterious European train. So spaces that are decorated by him are always classic yet modern with like a brilliant decor inspiration.




Stephen Sills apartment

Sills also does interior decoration for commercial spaces like Hotels. He made the interior decoration of St. Regis Hotel in New York, St. Regis in D.C, Vera Wang Bridal, Aeffe Fashion and Connaught Hotel.



Stephen SillsDecoration – St. Regis Hotel New York


Stephen Sills Interior Decoration – midtown Manhattan apartment

Stephen Sills was featured, many times, in internationally known top interior design magazines like Architectural Digest, Elle Decor and Mezonin.


Stephen Sills – Apthorpe from habitually chic

This is definitely one designer that you should have in your list of inspirational designers.

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