Inspirational Interior Designers: Patricia Gray

Inspirational Interior Designers Patricia Gray

Inspirational Interior Designers: Patricia Gray

May 25, 2015

Over the past three decades, Patricia Gray has built an international reputation as a preeminent interior designer whose unique style holistically integrates luxury, finely crafted detail and a contemporary vision into signature spaces known for both their beauty and livability. Under her direction, Patricia Gray Interiors Inc. located in Vancouver has become a leading name in the interior design field, sought out by celebrities, prominent business people and other discerning homeowners.

Inspirational Interior Designers Patricia Gray_Patricia Gray award-sinning interior designer

Patricia trained at the Parsons School of Design in Paris, and later at the faculty of Architecture at the University of Ferrara in Italy. She is a Certified Feng Shui Practitioner who studied under Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun at Harvard and Berkeley Universities in the US.

In recent years, Patricia’s interior design signature has evolved to include her own original artwork and custom furnishings, adding yet another distinctive dimension to the spaces she creates for clients.

Custom designed furnishings are not a luxury but a basic and key component in our design process. Each piece is designed to work within the context of a well-designed interior. Locally made of the best materials and finest craftsmanship we pay attention to every detail.

“I am much more concerned about editing and making sure all the details are correct.” says Patricia Gray. “Design is much more than filling a space with ‘stuff.’ We are living in a time when everything is so disposable. I put a great deal of attention into designing furnishings that will stand the test of time. I ask myself all the time: what will this look like in 20 years, will it still be current, will it stand up to use, does it work, is it beautiful?”


Interior design projects:

Yaletown II

Inspirational Interior Designers Patricia Gray_1-Yaletown-II-Patricia-Gray-Inc


Inspirational Interior Designers Patricia Gray_Furniture

Olympic Village

Inspirational Interior Designers Patricia Gray_2-interior-designer-olympic-village


Inspirational Interior Designers Patricia Gray_1-luxury-condo-alberni


Inspirational Interior Designers Patricia Gray_1-modern-interior-design


Inspirational Interior Designers Patricia Gray_1-luxury-condo-interior-design

The Erickson

Inspirational Interior Designers Patricia Gray_1-erickson-interior-design

False Creek

Inspirational Interior Designers Patricia Gray_1-interior-designer-flase-creek


Inspirational Interior Designers Patricia Gray_1-gastown-interior-design


Inspirational Interior Designers Patricia Gray_1-patricia-gray-yaletown

Kitchen Design

Inspirational Interior Designers Patricia Gray_1-award-winning-kitchen-designer-patricia-gray


You can also check some great decoration ideas by Patricia Gray in this video:


Patricia Gray’s foray into the world of art started with her studies at Parsons School of Design, Paris, in 1985 where she studied as an interior designer. In recent years Gray has honed her studies as an artist at Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver. Drawing from three decades as an internationally acclaimed interior designer where color, line and form are her internal structure–her transition to portraying her expertise on canvas is a natural progression and comes instinctively. A master colorist Gray uses texture and bold brushwork to create a body of contemporary artwork that is rich and evocative. Her paintings are in numerous private collections. Member of the Federation of Canadian Artists.

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