Innovative interior design by Nicole Arnold


Innovative interior design by Nicole Arnold

June 22, 2015

Sometimes you look for an interior designer in specific to get inspiration to decorate a space in your home. Nicole Arnold is a United States top designer and it is indeed one of the top designers from whom you should get motivation from to get some of the greatest home design ideas!

To understand the fact that she is, in fact, a top designer, we just need to point that Nicole Arnold is the leader of Interior Design Society Dallas Ft Worth and she also has her own firm. To add more to the table, her firm was recognized in the 2014 Designer of the Year Awards.


Living room decor ideas by Nicole Arnold



Kitchen desing ideas

2014 was a great year for Nicole Arnold Interiors because DALLAS, June 8, 2015 On May 20th, at the Interior Design Society’s (IDS) annual Designer of the Year Awards Gala in Ft. Myers, FL, Dallas’s own Nicole Arnold received awards recognizing national design excellence in two categories for 2014. A Nicole’s project of a teenage bedroom was judged by design experts and with this bedroom design project she won the second place.

“My client wanted her daughter to have a mature and appropriately sophisticated room that embraced her current age and would transition with her through high school. We were given carte blanche to come up with a scheme and decided the details in this design would make all the difference. That they did! The client was ecstatic with the result and her daughter immediately posted her new ‘digs’ on social media, proudly bragging to her audience.” Nicole Arnold.


So with and extreme care for her client’s needs and also all the details about their lives Nicole Arnold Interiors bring spaces together that are really inspiring for those looking for home design ideas for their homes.


Nicole Arnold is also involved with some great projects like IDS. It consisted in Dwell With Dignity’s singular mission is to help families escape poverty and homelessness through the power of design, one household at a time.  The Dwell with Dignity project executed by IDSDFW.

The challenge was to decorate a home for a woman and her 2-year-old daughter who were moving out of homelessness.

“Our IDS chapter is consumed with creating uplifting spaces that express the care and love we all put into them,” explains Nicole



For the last five years, IDS has sponsored the Designer of the Year Awards which recognize outstanding achievement in residential interior design among IDS members nationally and is hailed as a prestigious honor.

This a top designer that you Covet Edition reader should follow! Nicole Arnold is one of our choices and examples for you to get some of the best home design ideas. Get inspired!

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